See the creature in Adam Sandler's new sci-fi film Spaceman

Paul Dano voices tarantula-esque primordial creature Hanus in the upcoming film Spaceman, releasing this March on Netflix.

SPACEMAN. Adam Sandler as Jakub in Spaceman. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023.
SPACEMAN. Adam Sandler as Jakub in Spaceman. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023. /

Adam Sandler is going to space in his next Netflix movie Spaceman and it looks like a change of pace from Sandler's usual comedic fare. Netflix dropped the first trailer for the upcoming film, which co-stars Carey Mulligan and Paul Dano and is billed as an adventure/thriller.

Spaceman is based on the 2017 science fiction novel by Jaroslav Kalfař and follows an astronaut who starts taking advice from an ancient being stowed away on his spaceship. The "being" in question will be voiced by Dano and we got our first glimpse of the creepy spider-like creature in the new trailer, which you can watch right below. Arachnophobes, beware.

Described as an “intergalactic odyssey” with ruminations on everything from love to philosophy, Spaceman will be a departure from Sandler’s typical comedies, though not entirely out of the norm as some of the actor’s best films have been dramas, like Hustle, Uncut Gems, and Punch Drunk Love. The film will be released in select theaters on February 24, 2024 before making its Netflix debut on March 1, 2024.

Even more exciting is that this project will be directed by  Johan Renck, whose previous directing credits include episodes of the acclaimed HBO miniseries Chernobyl, select episodes of the hit show Breaking Bad, and the upcoming television show Dune: The Sisterhood. Renck directs a screenplay by Colby Day.

SPACEMAN. (L to R) Hanus (voice by Paul Dano) and Adam Sandler as Jakub in Spaceman. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023. /

What is Spaceman about?

Spaceman follows astronaut Jakub Procházka (Sandler) on his journey into the galaxy for mysterious space dust. Jakub’s time in space grants him a reprieve from his messy life back on Earth. But while he’s on his ship, he starts hearing the voice of an ancient creature, who helps him reconcile what he left on earth and whether he can truly fix things with his wife, Lenka (Mulligan).

Here is the official synopsis shared by Netflix:

"Six months into a solitary research mission to the edge of the solar system, an astronaut, Jakub (Adam Sandler), realizes that the marriage he left behind might not be waiting for him when he returns to Earth. Desperate to fix things with his wife, Lenka (Carey Mulligan), he is helped by a mysterious creature from the beginning of time he finds hiding in the bowels of his ship. Hanuš (voiced by Paul Dano) works with Jakub to make sense of what went wrong before it is too late. Directed by Johan Renck and based on the novel Spaceman of Bohemia, the film also stars Kunal Nayyar, Lena Olin, and Isabella Rossellini."

SPACEMAN. (L to R) Adam Sandler as Jakub and Carey Mulligan as Lenka in Spaceman. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023. /

Spaceman cast

Adam Sandler stars as Jakub Procházka, an orphaned boy raised by his grandparents with dreams of becoming an astronaut. Spaceman also stars Academy Award-nominated actress Carey Mulligan and BAFTA-nominated actor Paul Dano. Actor Channing Tatum serves as a producer but is not listed as a cast member for the film.

Spaceman cast and characters list:

  • Adam Sandler as Jakub Procházka
  • Carey Mulligan as Lenka
  • Paul Dano as the creature, Hanuš
  • Kunal Nayyar as Peter
  • Isabella Rossellini as Commissioner Tuma
  • Sinead Phelps

Spaceman premieres March 1, 2024 on Netflix. Read the book before the movie comes out.

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