Sexify season 3: Will there be a third season of the Polish comedy?

Sexify season 2. Cr: Ania Bystrowska/Netflix
Sexify season 2. Cr: Ania Bystrowska/Netflix /

University students and Sexify creators Natalia, Paulina, and Monika are back in Sexify season 2, a follow-up to the successful Polish sex comedy in the vein of Sex Education. What are the odds that Netflix will renew the series and make Sexify season 3 happen?

At the end of Sexify season 1, the girls decide to continue working on the Sexify app to see how far they can push the service and its development. The show’s second season introduces a new antagonist that forces the trio to significantly rethink their app and its purpose.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix is betting big on its Polish properties with projects like this one, the 365 Days movies, and the slasher film series Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight. During its first season, Sexify reportedly hit Netflix’s Top 10 chart in 80 countries and ranked in the No. 1 spot in Italy, India, the Dominican Republic, and Egypt.

Sexify season 3: Will Sexify have another season?

It’s too early to tell if Sexify season 2 will be as successful as season 1, but the fact that the series got renewed for a second season at all is a positive sign. Season 2 ends in a good place with most storylines resolved, so a third season might not even be necessary. Netflix has not formally renewed or canceled the series yet, but it can be hard to predict what the streamer will decide with international shows. For now, it seems like Sexify‘s chances of renewal could go either way.

Sexify season 2. Cr: Ania Bystrowska/Netflix
Sexify season 2. Cr: Ania Bystrowska/Netflix /

What could Sexify season 3 be about?

With the (SPOILERS!) Sexify app deleted, and Malgorzata Debska defeated, the three founders are standing at the threshold of a new era. The end of Sexify season 2 implies that Natalia is ready to start work on another app, as the final scene shows her returning to her computer and preparing to build code for a new project. If the show is renewed, we could see Natalia, Monika, and Paulina working together on something else.

Would you like a third season of Sexify, or do you think the season 2 ending is a reasonable conclusion for the series? What would you want to happen in Sexify season 3? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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