Will M3GAN be on Netflix? (where to stream M3GAN)

M3GAN - Cr: Universal
M3GAN - Cr: Universal /

M3GAN is poised to become one of the first horror breakouts of 2023. Thanks to excellent marketing, fans can’t wait to see it. But will it be on Netflix?

Move over Chucky and Annabelle, a new evil doll is coming to take the crown. M3GAN is an upcoming sci-fi horror film about a lifelike doll powered by artificial intelligence that wreaks havoc on everyone when she becomes overprotective of her owner, a young girl named Cady.

The film stars Girls and Get Out alum Allison Williams as the roboticist who creates M3GAN and The Haunting of Hill House actress Violet McGraw as her orphaned niece Cady, who bonds with the doll. Jenna Davis voices M3GAN.

Given the excitement and anticipation surrounding this movie, horror fans are eager to find out when and where they can watch it. M3GAN releases in theaters on Friday, Jan. 6, 2023.

Will M3GAN be on Netflix?

It’s unlikely that M3GAN will come to Netflix anytime soon. It is not on there now as it is not a Netflix Original film, and because it is a Universal Pictures movie, the odds are that it will go to the Universal-owned Peacock rather than Netflix.

Where to watch M3GAN

For now, the only place to watch the sci-fi horror film is by seeing it in theaters. Find out where M3GAN is playing in cinemas near you.

After the movie wraps its theatrical run, it will probably go to Peacock because Universal Pictures is distributing it. Most Universal movies go to Peacock after a designated 45 days in theaters. Sometimes movies can take longer, but if M3GAN sticks to the pattern, we might see it on Peacock as early as late February or March.

Are you planning to see M3GAN in theaters this weekend? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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