What is Pressure Cooker about?

PRESSURE COOKER. Cr. Courtesy of NETFLIX / © 2022 Netflix, Inc.
PRESSURE COOKER. Cr. Courtesy of NETFLIX / © 2022 Netflix, Inc. /

Pressure Cooker is a unique cooking reality competition series that pits a bunch of chefs together while also forcing them to co-exist in the same house! It’s almost like Big Brother meets Top Chef, although not quite as dramatic.

Dubbed the “first-ever house reality cooking competition,” Pressure Cooker sees 11 professional chefs square off as they compete in various challenges. But the biggest twist is that they judge each other’s meals and ultimately decide who wins the entire competition.

If you’ve enjoyed watching Netflix’s many other cooking competition shows, then make sure you add Pressure Cooker to your watchlist. The show kicks off with the chefs introducing themselves and getting to know each other before they are challenged to cook up their signature dish and let their competitors rank all of them from best to worst.

As the series progresses, alliances and rivalries form, various tests force competitors to team up, and the food ranges from surf ‘n turf to mouthwatering global cuisine. At the end of each round, the chef with the lowest-ranked dish is up for elimination, and it’s up to the other chefs to decide who goes home.

Pressure Cooker synopsis

Here is the official synopsis for the series, shared by Netflix:

"In this first-ever house reality cooking competition, 11 professional chefs must prove that they have all the qualities it takes to thrive in the real culinary world. Locked together inside a fortress of cuisine our group of confident chefs will cook, sleep and coexist with their rivals over a series of weeks. And if that wasn’t enough stress, they’ll also need strategy to balance impressing their peers while watching their own backs…because in the Pressure Cooker there is no panel of judges. The chefs judge each other. This is a high stakes search for the ultimate chef’s chef."

How many episodes is Pressure Cooker?

The series consists of eight, 45-minute episodes.

Pressure Cooker trailer

Watch the trailer below to get a taste of what to expect from the new series!

All eight episodes of Pressure Cooker will debut on Friday, Jan. 6. Are you planning to watch Pressure Cooker when it premieres? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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