The Monster of Wall Street: What was Bernie Madoff’s net worth?

Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street
Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street /

Infamous American fraudster Bernie Madoff is the focus of Netflix’s latest true crime docuseries, MADOFF: The Monster of Wall Street. If you’re unfamiliar with the late investor, the New Yorker was at the head of one of the largest Ponzi schemes ever, tricking people out of an estimated total of $64.8 billion. Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison in 2009 and died of natural causes behind bars in 2021.

MADOFF: The Monster of Wall Street explores the life of Madoff, including how he came to become one of the biggest schemers in American history, along with the lives affected by his terrible crimes. The four-part series was directed by Joe Berlinger (Conversations With a Killer, Crime Scene) and debuted on Netflix today, Jan. 4.

The docuseries is truly eye-opening, reminding viewers that people in power can get away with almost anything with the right amount of money. Fortunately, Madoff eventually did pay for his crimes and thousands of his victims were paid restitution, though for many the damage he and the banks involved caused was irreversible.

It goes without saying Madoff had some serious money in the bank at the height of his scheme, but how much exactly? Here’s what to know about his net worth.

How much money did Bernie Madoff have?

In 2009 after his arrest, court filings determined that Madoff and his wife Ruth owned net assets worth between $823 million and $826 million, according to ABC News. Reportedly, they had $17 million in cash, millions of dollars worth of jewelry, and multiple boats and houses. Madoff also had net ownership of his business which was worth $700 million.

The recovery of funds taken from Madoff’s scheme is still ongoing, and it’s been reported by Celebrity Net Worth that he was worth an estimated -$17 billion at the time of his death. His widow is still alive today, and according to Celebrity Net Worth is now estimated at $2 million.

All four episodes of MADOFF: The Monster of Wall Street are now streaming on Netflix.

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