1899 canceled after one season at Netflix (See the creators’ announcement)

1899 on Netflix
1899 on Netflix /

We’re just two days into the new year, and already Netflix has canceled one of their original series. Sadly for fans of the multi-lingual drama 1899, which premiered on the platform on Nov. 17, 2022, the creators have just confirmed on Instagram that the show will not return for more seasons. This is a pretty big surprise for those who have been following along with the series, which saw impressive viewership numbers and was in Netflix’s Top 10 shows for multiple weeks.

1899 is one of Netflix’s most ambitious shows to date, created by Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar who previously captivated audiences worldwide with their twisty drama Dark.

Dark ran for three fantastic seasons on Netflix, and the creators were hopeful that 1899 would go the same way. However, that won’t be the case unless another platform swoops in to save it.

1899 season 2 is not happening at Netflix

Check out Friese and bo Odar’s statement on the 1899 cancellation below:

It’s obvious the creators of 1899 are unhappy with Netflix’s decision to cancel the series, and we don’t blame them. They previously revealed they had plans for more seasons, telling Deadline that “it depends on the viewers” and the streaming service to give them the green light to continue. As expected, fans are flocking to the comments section on Friese and bo Odar’s post to share how upset they are by the news.

Besides 1899‘s gripping and mysterious storyline, the series is a must-watch because of the technology they used to create it. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Friese and bo Odar decided to do something new with 1899 by using “The Volume” instead of traditional green screens. If you love 1899, you should definitely check out the documentary that came out alongside the series, titled Making 1899, which takes viewers behind the scenes of the highly sophisticated production.

It’s truly a shame 1899 was canceled and I know fans are already looking at Friese and bo Odar to see what they might do next.

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