9 worst Netflix shows of 2022

God’s Favorite Idiot. (L to R) Ben Falcone as Clark Thompson, Melissa McCarthy as Amily Luck in episode 107 of God’s Favorite Idiot. Cr. Vince Valitutti/Netflix © 2022
God’s Favorite Idiot. (L to R) Ben Falcone as Clark Thompson, Melissa McCarthy as Amily Luck in episode 107 of God’s Favorite Idiot. Cr. Vince Valitutti/Netflix © 2022 /

Between Bridgerton, Stranger Things, Manifest, Wednesday, and so many other highly anticipated Netflix shows, we were spoiled rotten with some of the best shows of the year. However, there were also some Netflix shows that weren’t quite up to the standard we expect.

This year, Netflix had plenty of high highs, but the lows? They were low. Obviously, every returning show can’t have the stamina of Stranger Things, and every new show can’t have the double whammy of high praise and higher ratings of Wednesday.

From comedies that failed to leave an impression to controversial dramas that drew big viewership and even bigger criticism, Netflix shows ran the gamut of unfortunate in 2022. We had higher hopes for some of these series, but it’s time to face the facts.

Worst Netflix shows 2022

Here are nine of the most disappointing Netflix shows of 2022, beginning below with the problematic phenomenon DAHMER – Monster.

Netflix shows - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story
Dahmer. Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. Evan Peters as Jeffrey Dahmer in episode 102 of Dahmer. Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. Cr. Courtesy Of Netflix © 2022 /

DAHMER – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

Ah, where to start with this one? Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is wrong for many reasons — not just because of the awful and unnecessarily long title. Despite Evan Peters, Niecy Nash, and other actors giving strong performances in the series created by Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan, the story itself is overdone and stale.

Despite Murphy claiming he didn’t want to make a show about “Dahmer the monster” and instead wanted to focus on the victims’ stories, that’s not how the show turned out. The first five episodes are all about Dahmer’s upbringing and his experience as a murderer, barely even touching on the victims’ point of view. The second half of the show gets better, with episode 6 being a standout, but what about the first half? I don’t care about a serial killer’s childhood who’s already been depicted in the media so many times. I’m a true crime fan and Monster was too much even for me.

All of this, not to mention the fact that some of Dahmer’s victims’ loved ones have spoken out against the series, is enough to make Monster one of the worst Netflix shows of 2022. Written by Natalie Zamora

God’s Favorite Idiot

I love Melissa McCarthy, but her collaborations with husband Ben Falcone lead to far more misses than hits, and God’s Favorite Idiot is the latest among them. It’s not quite as bad as Thunder Force, but it’s in the ballpark.

The show follows an office worker chosen by God to help avert the apocalypse, but there aren’t any stakes, the jokes are endless yet none of them hit, and the characterizations are all over the place. Everything about this show feels lazy and uninspired. Apparently, Netflix ordered 16 episodes upfront, but only the first eight have been released so far. The back half hasn’t been filmed yet, and it’s hard to imagine they ever will be. Written by Maddy Lennon

Devil in Ohio on Netflix
Devil in Ohio. Madeleine Arthur as Mae Dodd in episode 103 of Devil in Ohio. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022 /

Devil in Ohio

Devil in Ohio is a mess. I was sold by the premise of a Devil-worshipping cult, but the show itself is laughably bad and extremely slow-paced. The series has also courted some controversy for its depiction of Mae, an abuse victim who suddenly starts showing sociopathic tendencies as the series continues.

Characters are uninteresting and tend to be too stereotypical to be entertaining to watch. Horror fans won’t find much to satisfy them here, as the cult storyline often plays second-fiddle to cliché teen drama tropes like unnecessary love triangles. Overall, Devil in Ohio just didn’t have much payoff and too many subplots for a show supposedly devised as a miniseries. Written by Maddy Lennon


To be perfectly honest, I don’t think Uncoupled is a bad show at ALL. In fact, the only reason the Darren Star-created romantic comedy made it on the worst list has more to do with Netflix’s treatment of it than its actual content. The first season featured only eight half-hour episodes. Eight episodes? For a COMEDY? In what world! That’s hardly enough episodes for a comedy to successfully lure in the audience. (Even 10 is barely enough!)

Uncoupled needed more time to find itself and more room to breathe. Maybe then the series would have hit better with audiences and critics. Neil Patrick Harris, Tisha Campbell, and Marcia Gay Harden are exquisite in their roles, with potential to spare for a universe that could expand and evolve like Sex and the City. Even on the worst list, I’m still hoping in vain for season 2, but I won’t hold my breath considering the rate Netflix burns through sitcoms. Written by Reed Gaudens

The Pentaverate

The Pentaverate and Hard Cell are two new Netflix comedies this year featuring an actor playing multiple characters. Both are bad, but The Pentaverate is by far the worst. Now I see why Mike Myers hasn’t done much in the past decade. How do you play eight characters in one show and forget to make any of them funny? Written by Maddy Lennon

Space Force season 3, Space Force season 3 is not coming to Netflix in April 2022, Space Force season 3 release date, April 2022 Netflix release list
Photo: SPACE FORCE – Season 1 – Courtesy of Aaron Epstein/Netflix /

Space Force

Look, I’m going to be up front in confessing I still don’t know how in the world Space Force managed to even secure a second season after the disaster that was season 1. Seriously, Space Force season 2 should have never been cleared for takeoff.

I get that Netflix hoped that with some creative retooling in season 2, they could save the show and deliver what fans had hoped for in season 1. Unfortunately, things only got worse in season 2 with the show losing its sense of direction even further. Now, I’m not discounting the amazing cast of the show who did their best with what they were given. In fact, the talent level of the cast is what makes it that much more of a travesty to have seen how wasted the performers were in this show.

Space Force is a show I’ve been trying to forget ever since I watched it, so here’s hoping this is the last time I’ll ever have to think about this show again. Written by Cody Schultz

The Recruit

Netflix’s spy thriller The Recruit has all the makings of a hit: Noah Centineo as the leading man, an intriguing and twisty mystery plot, and a bit of romance for good measure. And the new series very well could be a hit for the streamer, but the first season had an obvious identity crisis. The Recruit teeters between a punchy, light-hearted USA Network procedural and a full-tilt action-adventure a la Alias. Some fans will enjoy getting the best of both worlds, but if a second season is in its future, let’s hope The Recruit figures out exactly what it wants to be. Written by Reed Gaudens

The Witcher: Blood Origin

With a show as popular as The Witcher on Netflix, it’s understandable why the streamer would want to make a spin-off. Or a few. But unfortunately, Netflix moved too fast with the franchise and is being too ambitious in trying to expand the Witcher universe. Case in point: The Witcher: Blood Origin. Though the cast of the prequel series includes Golden Globe nominee Michelle Yeoh and Oscar nominee Minnie Driver, the execution of a story with such potential falls completely flat.

After a major overhaul to the show due to Netflix reportedly being unhappy with the script, The Witcher: Blood Origin turned out to be just four episodes and was just released on Christmas Day. Sadly, it’s one of the most generic fantasy shows I’ve seen in some time with really nothing special about it. A lot of the dialogue is cringe-worthy, most scenes are unintentionally comical, and the visuals look really bad.

If you go into Blood Origin knowing it won’t be good, your experience might be fun. But you could just skip this one and you wouldn’t be missing anything. As a limited series, there’s a very low chance it’ll return for another season. Written by Natalie Zamora

Anatomy of a Scandal

I actually didn’t totally hate Anatomy of a Scandal while I was watching it because at least it was watchable, and I didn’t get bored. But after I was finished with it, I just sat there wondering what I had watched. While not as bad as some of the shows on this list, Anatomy of a Scandal was disappointing because I had been looking forward to it. To be fair to the cast, they are great, notably Sienna Miller, but the tonal dissonance, absurd twists, and poorly written dialogue prevent the series from becoming exceptional. Written by Maddy Lennon

What Netflix shows weren’t your favorite in 2022? Share your picks in the comments!

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