Do Emily and Gabriel get together in Emily in Paris season 3? (spoilers)

Emily in Paris. (L to R) Lily Collins as Emily, Lucas Bravo as Gabriel in episode 307 of Emily in Paris. Cr. Marie Etchegoyen/Netflix © 2022
Emily in Paris. (L to R) Lily Collins as Emily, Lucas Bravo as Gabriel in episode 307 of Emily in Paris. Cr. Marie Etchegoyen/Netflix © 2022 /

Since the very beginning of Emily in Paris, Emily and Gabriel have had an instant connection. There’s no fighting that spark between the pair in Emily in Paris season 3, which drums up a decent amount of drama for the neighbors and friends.

In the third season of the romantic comedy series, Emily and Gabriel are each in their own relationships: Emily with Alfie, Gabriel with Camille. But as the trailer teased, there just might be some developments between the unrequited, star-crossed lovers yet.

Do Emily and Gabriel ever get together — for a kiss, some heartwarming eye contact, a date, anything?! — in Emily in Paris season 3? For all of those Emily and Gabriel shippers out there, here’s what happened between the pair in season 3 and what could happen next.

Warning: Spoilers ahead from Emily in Paris season 3!

Do Emily and Gabriel end up together in Emily in Paris season 3?

Without beating around the bush, here’s the simple answer: No, Emily and Gabriel don’t get together in Emily in Paris season 3. Although, they do kind of end up together. Not in the way that you would expect. Let’s get into it.

In the beginning of the season, Emily and Gabriel are very much in their own relationships, but their orbits inch closer and closer toward the middle of the season. Emily and Gabriel share a meal together in Provence, though Alfie was supposed to join them. Instead, the waiter and chef continuously mistook Emily and Gabriel for a couple. (Can you blame them?)

The pair again have a moment in episode 7 when they attend a How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days screening double date (unofficially, but we can dream!) with Mindy and Nicolas. When they opt to leave the movie early, Emily and Gabriel pop into a colorful museum and have the cutest time.

Leading up to the finale, episode 8 finds Emily coming to Gabriel’s aid when he’s feeling unsure about his future with Camille. He texts Emily asking to get a drink, and she finds him already tipsy on a bottle of Japanese whisky. Among the drunken truths he speaks is his admission that he fell in love with Emily the minute he saw her. He also tells her that she changed his life… before passing out. Needless to say, Emily is too stunned to speak.

Gabriel doesn’t remember anything he said to Emily, and she winds up helping him plan a proposal for Camille, though they get engaged on their own. The couple’s planned engagement party at her family’s estate turns into an impromptu wedding, during which Camille stops her vows to expose the pact she made with Emily and their mutual feelings for each other.

The shocking turn of events prompts Alfie to walk out and Camille to run off. In the end, Emily and Gabriel sit together outside and admit their feelings for each other, openly and honestly, for what feels like the first time. In that sense, they end up together after being broken up, but they’re not together. The kicker? Gabriel reveals Camille is pregnant. Well, things just got even more complicated.

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