When did Harry and Meghan meet and get engaged?

Harry and Meghan is a new six-part Netflix docuseries about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry, and former actress-turned-royal Meghan Markle. The documentary series digs into the couple’s relationship, from the early days of their love to their recent momentous decision to take a step back from royal life.

At its heart, Harry and Meghan is a love story chronicling their relationship through all of its ups and downs. The pair are now happily married with two children, but how did their courtship begin? When did Harry and Meghan meet? When did they get engaged? Below we’ll answer any questions you might have about how the pair got together.

Who introduced Harry and Meghan?

According to revelations from the docuseries, Harry and Meghan met in a very modern way; through social media. They had a mutual friend connecting them that allowed Harry to see a snapshot of Meghan with said friend, which initially piqued his interest.

Meanwhile, Meghan had already started browsing Harry’s Instagram, thanks to their mutual pal. Meghan was endeared by Harry’s environmental photos, and the two began texting.

Most of their courtship took place via the phone during the first year or so of their relationship because they were very protective over their newfound romance and didn’t want the press and media to interfere. The first reports of their relationship started in the fall of 2016, but Meghan didn’t give her first big interview until the following year.

When did Harry and Meghan get engaged?

Harry proposed to Meghan on the grounds of Kensington Palace in November 2017. Harry’s father, Prince Charles (now King Charles), formally announced their engagement.

Harry and Meghan marriage date

Harry and Meghan married on May 18, 2018, at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. Meghan became the first American to marry into the family in several decades. Since then, the couple has had two children together, Archie and Lilibet.

Harry and Meghan is now streaming on Netflix.