The Circle season 5 cast: Marvin Achi age, Instagram, job, and more

The Circle. Marvin Achi in The Circle. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022
The Circle. Marvin Achi in The Circle. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022 /

Marvin Achi might not have had his chance to win audiences over on Big Brother, but he’s about to finally step into the spotlight as a contestant on The Circle season 5!

On Dec. 9, Netflix revealed the cast of the first wave of contestants to enter The Circle this season, a list that featured a few familiar names for reality TV junkies. In addition to featuring Big Brother season 20 contestant Brett Robinson and Hip-Hop artist Oliver Twixt, the season’s cast also featured a name quite familiar to Big Brother fans: Marvin Achi.

Achi made headlines this summer when it was revealed he was pulled from the Big Brother season 24 cast just hours after being announced as a contestant for the show. As disappointing as that might have been for Achi at the time, it seems to have all worked out as he’s now set to take on Netflix’s hit reality series instead where he’s sure to turn heads!

What season of Big Brother was Marvin Achi on?

Technically speaking, Marvin Achi was intended to be a part of the Big Brother season 24 cast. Unfortunately, he was pulled from the cast for unspecified reasons and replaced by Joesph Abdin — who would go on to be one of the season’s breakout stars.

Marvin Achi America’s Got Talent

If you’re an avid reality TV viewer, you might recognize Marvin Achi from America’s Got Talent as he appeared as a contestant during season 17 this summer. While Achi did not make it to the live shows, he did wow the judges with his unique act which you can check out below:

Marvin Achi age

While his exact birthday is unknown, Achi was born in 1994 meaning he’ll be turning 29 in 2023.

Marvin Achi The Circle Instagram

While most stars on The Circle gain social media fame after appearing on the show, Achi is already ahead of the crowd thanks to his past appearances on various reality appearances. At the time, Achi has nearly 600K followers and that number is likely to rise as fans discover him on The Circle. You can give him a follow at marvinachi.

Marvin Achi The Circle TikTok

Like many former contestants, Achi is no stranger to social media and has built up quite a following on TikTok with his videos. You can follow Achi on TikTok at the handle marvinachi, where you can check out some of the videos he’s posted that have helped to garner him more than 5 million likes on the platform.

Marvin Achi job

While Achi is known as a reality and social media star to many, he actually has a career as a chemical engineer! He also has made a name for himself in the fitness industry as a fitness influencer and online fitness coach.

The Circle is streaming now on Netflix! 

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