How to watch the Harry and Meghan documentary

Harry and Meghan documentary on Netflix
Harry and Meghan documentary on Netflix /

Many American and British people are fascinated with the royal family. You’ve got those who keep up with every bit of news, while others just know the significant facts about the most prominent members. Well, no one makes headlines like Harry and Meghan (except for Princess Diana, probably). And their documentary portrays that.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex shocked the world when the two announced they would be stepping away as working senior members of the royal family. That means they could no longer represent the queen and would have to be financially independent.

The couple had to find a new avenue to support themselves, which led them to Netflix. The former prince and actress came to an overall deal with the streaming service in 2020 to create various content for the streamer.

But what about the docuseries that’s about their own story? Where can you view it online? We’ve got the answer for you below!

How to watch the Harry and Meghan documentary

One project that’s a part of the collaboration between the couple and Netflix is the new six-episode docuseriesHarry and Meghan. The first three episodes were released on Dec. 8. The remaining trio will be available to watch a week later on Thursday, Dec. 15, on Netflix.

Overall, the series explores the early days of Harry and Meghan’s relationship and the challenges that led them to leave the royal life behind. Friends and family who have never spoken up before share their thoughts, and historians dissect where the British Commonwealth stands today.

Below we provided a breakdown of what you can expect to see in the first half of the episodes:

  • Episode 1 – Harry shares what it was like to grow up in the public eye, and the couple reflects on their early days when their romance was still a secret.
  • Episode 2 – Their relationship becomes public in 2016, which means public scrutiny begins. Meghan reflects on her days before Harry from all aspects – school, family, acting, and activism.
  • Episode 3 – The couple’s 2017 engagement sparks both cynicism and hope, Netflix shares. As Meghan learns and comes to terms with royal protocols, tabloid headlines start to involve her family.

The first three episodes of the Harry and Meghan documentary is now streaming. Part 2 premieres Friday, Dec. 15, on Netflix.

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