Troll parents guide: Is the creature feature okay to watch with kids?

Troll. Cr: Netflix.
Troll. Cr: Netflix. /

Troll hits Netflix on Thursday, December 1. Is the Norwegian creature feature okay for kids to watch? Here’s the age rating and more.

From Roar Uthaug, the director of Tomb Raider (2018), comes a new sci-fi fantasy film following an ancient being awakened by an explosion in the mountains near the town of Dovre. A team of experts, including a paleontologist, must work together to stop the troll before it kills everyone in the area.

Given the flashy premise and spectacle in the trailer, Troll looks like the perfect popcorn movie for a family movie night. But is the new film okay to watch with kids?

What is Troll on Netflix rated?

Troll is rated TV-14, which is similar to a PG-13 rating for a film. The TV-14 rating means that parents should be strongly cautioned because the material present in the movie might be unsuitable for children under 14.

This movie is rated TV-14 specifically for fear, language, and violence. “Fear” means that the film might contain images and/or sounds that could be frightening to young viewers. Considering Troll is a monster movie, that’s not surprising. Movies like Godzilla and King Kong are also PG-13, so if your kids have watched those, then they should be okay to watch Troll.

Besides potentially frightening images, Troll also has some explicit language (swearing) and some violence. If you need a better idea of what to expect from the movie, I recommend watching the official trailer below. While trailers are not always the best indicator of a movie’s content, they can give you an idea of the film’s tone.

It should be noted that while Troll is a monster movie, it is not categorized as a “horror” film. Netflix has it marked under “action & adventure,” along with tags for “suspenseful” and “exciting.”

Troll is an upcoming Norwegian creature feature streaming on Thursday, December 1, 2022.

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