Do Wednesday and Tyler end up together in Wednesday on Netflix?

The spookiest month of the year might be behind us now, but Netflix has a new creepy and kooky series worth binging this Thanksgiving week. Wednesday, an eight-episode series following the titular character of the Addams Family, has just dropped on the streamer in the early hours this morning and it’s a really fun and cute watch. Fit for the whole family, this TV-14 show is the perfect watch if you need something quirky and lighthearted to throw on.

Spoilers ahead for Wednesday on Netflix.

In the new series, we watch as Wednesday is sent away to a boarding school for outcasts called Nevermore Academy. Her parents, Morticia and Gomez, both went there in their youth and are excited for Wednesday to blossom with her new classmates. Wednesday isn’t thrilled about her new life change, but that soon changes when attacks start happening and she realizes she’s the only one who can save the school and the nearby town, Jericho.

Jericho is full of normies, including Wednesday’s psychiatrist Dr. Kinbott and a nice barista named Tyler. Wednesday gets close to Tyler and though she’s new at romance, they strike up a flirtationship which turns into a little more. Do the two get together, and if so do they end up a couple at the end of Wednesday?

Do Wednesday and Tyler get together in Wednesday?

Though Wednesday and Tyler don’t exactly define their relationship, they do go out on a date and Wednesday takes Tyler to the Nevermore dance. They share a kiss in the penultimate episode, but that marks the end of their romance. The overarching mystery in the series is finding the person and/or creature who is attacking and killing people. Unfortunately for Wednesday, she sees a vision during her first kiss with Tyler that reveals he’s responsible!

That’s right — Tyler is a creature called a Hyde, and as Wednesday discovers by the end of the series, he’s been working with a human named Ms. Thornhill (real name Laurel Gates) to attack outcasts from Nevermore. Because of this, Wednesday no longer trusts Tyler and instead wants to defeat him.

Though Tyler makes it out alive in the Wednesday finale, he can kiss goodbye any chance of dating Wednesday again. The two do not end up together in the end and we doubt they ever will.

Wednesday has not been renewed for a second season at this time, but we’re hoping Netflix gives it the green light soon!