Are James Marsden’s scars real in Dead to Me season 3?

Dead to Me season 3 is finally out on Netflix, and many viewers have already raced through the ten new episodes. The third season picks up in the aftermath of season 2, shortly after Ben drunkenly blew through a stop sign and T-boned Jen and Judy’s car, sending them both to the hospital.

Luckily, the two women get out relatively unscathed, with Jen taking the brunt of the damage, but her recovery at the hospital is quick, and she leaves with just a few bruised ribs and a neck brace that she takes off within hours.

Most of the third and final season revolves around Jen and Judy trying to navigate the fallout of Steve’s murder now that his body has been discovered. However, there’s still a little room for romance, and it doesn’t take long for Jen and Ben to rekindle their relationship.

Are James Marsden’s scars real in Dead to Me season 3?

While watching the third season, you might have noticed that Ben, played by James Marsden, has several significant scars on his chest. We see him shirtless several times in the third season, but the show doesn’t draw any attention to them.

The scars are part of his character. It has been a long time since season 2 aired, so some viewers might have forgotten the explanation. Ben previously told Jen he had several heart surgeries as a kid, which left behind multiple scars. The scars are also a significant way to tell Ben apart from his twin brother Steve.

Between seasons, some fans theorized that the scars might become important in the show’s last season if there was a sudden twist to reveal it was Ben who died and not Steve, but the fact the scars are there proves, without a doubt, that the living Wood brother is Ben.