The Crown: Where is Mohamed Al-Fayed today?

The Crown season 5 has officially been released on Netflix, following the British Monarchy in the 1990s. As Queen Elizabeth II continues to reign in England, Prince Charles tries to find a way out of his marriage to Princess Diana and we eventually see the two part ways. With a new season comes new actors to replace some of the central figures, and we’re also getting new characters to become familiar with.

One of those new characters is Mohamed Al-Fayed, played by Salim Dau. The real-life figure is a billionaire originally from Egypt, who became an important person in Princess Diana’s life in the final months before her untimely death. Al-Fayed moved to London, England for business in the 1960s and got involved with very powerful people, eventually becoming the owner of Harrods department store, the football club Fulham F.C., and the Hôtel Ritz in Paris, France.

Princess Diana was invited to visit Saint-Tropez, France with her children by Mohamed Al-Fayed in the summer of 1997, and it’s there she got close to the billionaire’s son, Dodi Fayed. Diana and Dodi hit it off and were casually dating at the time of her death. Sadly, Dodi also passed away in the tragic car crash in August 1997.

Is Mohamed Al-Fayed still alive?

Mohamed Al-Fayed lost his son and a friend that night, but he is still alive in 2022. At the time of this writing, he is 93 years old. Though he no longer has ownership of Harrods or Fulham F.C., he’s still running the Ritz Paris hotel. In 2010, he sold Harrods to Qatar for a reported $2.4 billion, and in 2013, he sold the football club to fellow billionaire Shahid Khan for a reported $300 million.

Al-Fayed has been accused of sexual harassment and assault multiple times throughout the years, and he seemingly keeps a low profile nowadays. According to Forbes, he has an estimated net worth of $1.9 billion as of 2022.

The Crown season 5 is now streaming on Netflix.