The Crown season 5 parents guide: Is the new season appropriate for kids?

The Crown season 5 is officially on the way, but there are a few things we want to tell you before you sit down and watch the premiere along with your loved ones, specifically, whether this new season is appropriate for all audiences.

The Crown has never been the most kid-friendly. From the strong language to some disturbing scenes, the series has certainly earned its TV-MA rating all these years. But has that changed this time?

The Crown season 5 age rating

As you might have guessed, the fifth season of The Crown still has a TV-MA age rating.

The reason for this mature rating is that the new season is going to explore some uncomfortable situations, such as Prince Charles’ infidelity with Camilla Parker Bowles, heightened tensions between nations (some of which led to violence), and tough conversations that probably aren’t the best for little ones to hear.

You can see some of the aforementioned scenes in the official trailer for The Crown season 5 below.

Younger audiences under 17 years old may not be able to stream The Crown this time around. Still, there is an abundance of compelling titles available on Netflix, all of which are family-friendly.

The Royal Treatment (2022), The Princess Switch (2018), and A Christmas Prince (2017) are great places to start since they explore royalty—even though it’s all fictional.

If you prefer to watch something involving the cast of the upcoming release, feel free to check out Paddington starring Imelda Staunton (Queen Elizabeth II), 28 Days starring Dominic West (Prince Charles), and The Cloverfield Paradox starring Elizabeth Debicki (Princess Diana).

Hopefully, these recommendations will satisfy your younger ones. But once you get some time to yourself, don’t forget to stream every second of The Crown season 5, streaming only on Netflix.