Young Royals’ Tommy Wättring Instagram, roles, and more: Everything to know about the Marcus actor

Swedish actor Tommy Wättring is one of the newcomers in Young Royals season 2. The popular queer drama series just returned with new episodes on Netflix and fans are already loving the new installments.

Tommy plays Marcus, a new love interest for Simon as he tries to get over Wilhelm after their big falling out at the end of season 1. Simon and Wilhelm shippers might not be thrilled to see another love interest in the picture and a love triangle play out, but you’ll just have to watch the entire season to see what happens.

And even if you decide you don’t like Marcus as a character, there’s no denying that Wättring is a very talented actor who fits in perfectly with the rest of the case. Learn more about the up-and-coming star below.

Tommy Wättring age

Tommy was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1998, making him 23, according to the Hammarstrom agency.

Tommy Wättring height

Tommy is a tall guy at approximately 6 feet 2 inches. The Marcus actor has brown eyes and brown hair.

Tommy Wättring Instagram

If you want to keep up with Tommy and his latest projects you can follow him on Instagram @tommywattring. He’s had an Instagram for several years but appears to only have become more active in 2022, so there aren’t many posts but there are some fun snapshots from his time on Young Royals. The actor seems to be more active on his Twitter account @TommyWattring.

Tommy Wättring roles

Young Royals is one of Tommy’s first major international roles, but he has previously starred in several other Swedish projects like the drama series Beck, where he played Vilhelm. He has also appeared in several short films and the show Finaste Familjen.

Watch Tommy Wättring as Marcus now in Young Royals season 2, now streaming on Netflix.