Is The Good Nurse based on a book?

The Good Nurse is out in theaters and is heading to Netflix this week. Is the Jessica Chastain movie based on a book? Here are all the details.

There are some excellent movies out right now. The Good Nurse is most definitely one that you’ll want to check out. While it is currently out in theaters, it’s heading to Netflix this week. You can stream it from your home and make it part of your Halloween viewing this weekend.

Before you get into the movie, you’ll want to know a littl more about the story. One thing to find out is whether this is an original story, or if it’s an adaptation. Is The Good Nurse based on a book? Here are all the gory details.

The Good Nurse book by Charles Graeber

Yes, The Good Nurse is based on a book. The official book title is The Good Nurse: A True Story of Medicine, Madness, and Murder. Charles Graeber wrote the story, but it’s not a fictional one.

To delve even further into the story, it turns out that it’s all based on something real. Graeber wrote about the arrest and conviction of RN Charlie Cullen, who quickly became known as “The Angel of Death.”

Back in December 2003, Cullen was arrested for multiple murders. He was eventually found guilty, and faced his final sentencing in March 2006. The book takes a look at the case, and it took 10 years to create. Graeber had access to police records, wire-tap recordings, and much more that had previously been unseen and unheard.

The book delves into how Cullen was eventually caught. Homicide detectives were working against the clock, but fortunately for them, there were confidential informants and whistleblowers willing to help with the case. One person, in particular, crucial to solving the mystery was single mom Amy. She was one of Cullen’s colleagues who had no idea who or what she was really working with.

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