How many seasons of The Blacklist are on Netflix?

The Blacklist is undeniably one of the most addictive crime dramas currently streaming on Netflix. The NBC original has been running since 2013 and centers around Raymond “Red” Reddington (James Spader), a former U.S. Navy officer turned high-profile criminal turned FBI informant who helps authorities capture countless notable criminals with the help of FBI profiler Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone).

The popular series has been around for some time with the newest season premiering on Netflix on Oct. 6, 2022. But how many seasons are available to stream on Netflix now?

How many seasons of The Blacklist are on Netflix?

As of October 2022, U.S. Netflix users can enjoy all nine seasons of the addictive crime drama. That means if you’ve yet to see the series, you can binge through nearly 200 episodes (there are 198 episodes in total so far) right this second. Each episode’s run time is around 45 minutes, so you’ll be kept busy for a good while at least if you start watching now.

Is The Blacklist season 10 coming to Netflix?

For those already looking to the future, you’ll be happy to learn that NBC renewed the series for season 10 back in Feb. 2022.

Unfortunately at this time of writing, there isn’t an official release date for the series on NBC or Netflix.

The series first airs on NBC before finding its way onto the streaming giant’s library. In the past, The Blacklist‘s newest seasons have been added to Netflix five months after the season finale, and there’s nothing at this time to suggest that this will deviate from past release formats. But as we don’t know when the series will begin airing on NBC yet we can’t offer you an exact prediction as to when the series will be released on Netflix.

Nonetheless, take comfort because the crime drama will be returning to Netflix with season 10.