From Scratch star Danielle Deadwyler age, height, Instagram, roles, and more: Everything about the Zora actress

From Scratch. Danielle Deadwyler as Zora Wheeler in episode 106 of From Scratch. Cr. Jessica Brooks/Netflix © 2022
From Scratch. Danielle Deadwyler as Zora Wheeler in episode 106 of From Scratch. Cr. Jessica Brooks/Netflix © 2022 /

Danielle Deadwyler is this decade’s actress to watch, as this talented individual has starred in many critically acclaimed titles.

From Till and The Harder They Fall to The Haves and the Have Nots and P-Valley, Deadwyler proves time and time again that she has the range needed to secure any and every Hollywood accolade there is. Fortunately for everyone, she isn’t slowing down anytime soon, as she has now shown the world that she can dazzle in a romantic drama with the release of Netflix’s From Scratch.

In the 2022 title, Deadwyler plays the role of Zora. While we don’t want to give too much away about her character, we don’t mind spilling everything we know about the American actress! Below is Danielle Deadwyler’s age, height, and more.

Danielle Deadwyler age

Danielle Deadwyler was born on May 3, 1982. She hails from Atlanta, Georgia, and is currently 40 years old. Her astrological sign is Taurus.

Danielle Deadwyler height

According to Super Stars Bio, Deadwyler stands at approximately 5-feet-8-inches. The media outlet also reports that her natural hair and eye color are dark brown/black.

Danielle Deadwyler Instagram

Just one glance at Deadwyler’s Instagram, @danielledeadwyler, will let you know how much she appreciates the arts. Her 13,000 followers have grown fond of the many artistic projects she creates and the various inspirational videos she shares to raise awareness for important issues.

If you, too, enjoy the arts and fighting for justice, give her a follow on her Instagram and Twitter, @Captain_D_.

Danielle Deadwyler roles

Previously, we mentioned just a few of Deadwyler’s best shows and films. What if we told you there’s so much more where that came from?

Here are some of our favorite shows and films featuring Danielle Deadwyler:

  • A Cross to Bear (2012) as Erica
  • Being Mary Jane (2015) as Naima
  • Greenleaf (2016) as Stacy
  • Atlanta (2018) as Tami
  • The Devil to Pay (2019) as Lemon Cassidy
  • Watchmen (2019) as June
  • Paradise Lost (2020) as Nicque Green
  • Station Eleven (2021) as Miranda Carroll

Hopefully, you’ll want to catch even more of Danielle Deadwyler’s titles. If so, what better place to start than with From Scratch streaming right now only on Netflix?!

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