Barbarians season 3: Will there be a third season of Barbarians on Netflix?

Barbarians - Courtesy of Netflix/Katalin Vermes
Barbarians - Courtesy of Netflix/Katalin Vermes /

Netflix’s popular German war drama Barbarians is back for its second season with more epic fight sequences, bloodshed, and intensity. But those who have blown through the newest episodes are eager to find out if Netflix will produce Barbarians season 3.

The series follows the Germanic tribes trying to keep the Roman empire at bay in 9 A.D. Following up on Varus’ defeat, Barbarians season 2 begins with the remaining members of the Germanic tribe regrouping to figure out their next move against the Romans.

Believing the Romans are down but not out for the count, Ari must rally Marbod for assistance in keeping the Roman troops from regrouping. Like the first season, the second also consists of six episodes. Below we’ll get into what we know about a potential third season so far.

Will there be a Barbarians season 3 at Netflix?

Renewal status as of October 2022: Netflix has not canceled or renewed Barbarians.

Since Barbarians is one of the streamer’s most popular German shows, we’re predicting that a renewal is likely in store for this series in the future. I could see Netflix giving it at least one final season.

Season 2 ends on a massive cliffhanger, so it would certainly be disappointing to fans if Netflix opted to cancel the war drama with so many different characters’ fates left up in the air. However, it also would not be the first time that Netflix has done that.

Still, I think Barbarians has a decent chance of continuing on the streaming service but we’ll be keeping track of Netflix’s trending shows in the coming weeks to see how this series fares. For now, the best thing you can do is watch the show and talk about it so others will check it out!

Are you a fan of Barbarians? Would you like to see Barbarians season 3 happen at Netflix? Have you watched the second season yet? Add the series to your watchlist now.

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