What time is Easy-Bake Battle coming to Netflix?

Easy-Bake Battle is the next cooking competition show coming to Netflix. With the popularity of Nailed It!, Great British Baking Show, Is It Cake?, and Baking Impossible, it’s not a surprise that the streaming service wants to add more cooking contests to its lineup.

Easy-Bake Battle sadly does not have much to do with everyone’s favorite kids’ baking oven. While the show is inspired by the toy, it really features home cooks using their best cooking hacks to make delicious food. If it makes cooking easier or faster, they are going to use it in each challenge.

The show is hosted by Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski and there will be a celebrity chef or guest judge every week to determine which of the contestants’ food is the best. And whoever’s food is up to the judges’ standards, that contestant has the chance to win up to $100,000 with each battle awarding $25,000. That’s quite a lot of money for a cooking competition.

But when will Easy-Bake Battle be coming to Netflix? Let’s find out.

Easy-Bake Battle release time on Netflix

Easy-Bake Battle will be available to watch on Netflix on Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2022 at 12:01 a.m. PT/3:01 a.m. ET. You’ll be able to binge all eight episodes starting at that time and with each episode at only 30 minutes, you can probably get through them pretty quickly.

Considering the amount of dark and scary shows that have been added to Netflix lately, binge-watching a show that’s all about food might be a good way to give yourself a break from the spooky and terrifying.

And if nothing else, you might get a new recipe or two. Or a new kitchen hack you didn’t know about before.

Take a look at the trailer for the new show here:

Will you be checking out Easy-Bake Battle when it hits Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!