Who dies in The Midnight Club?

The Midnight Club - Courtesy Netflix
The Midnight Club - Courtesy Netflix /

It’s officially spooky season and Netflix has quite a good selection of horror shows and movies to watch to get into the mood. One of these includes The Midnight Club, the new series created by Mike Flanagan and Leah Fong that just dropped on Friday, Oct. 7. Though the YA story is very different from Flanagan’s last show on Netflix, Midnight Mass, it’s still creepy enough to get you ready for Halloween.

The Midnight Club follows Ilonka (Iman Benson) and a group of teenagers who live in hospice care at a facility called Brightcliffe. The patients grow close and form connections as they meet each night in the library to share scary stories. And it’s not just the stories that’ll keep them up at night. It doesn’t take long for Ilonka to start seeing things, and she learns about cult rituals that might just be able to cure them.

Spoilers ahead for The Midnight Club.

Ilonka and her friend Kevin (Igby Rigney) confide in each other that they’ve been seeing a creepy old woman and man out in the hallways, though the other patients don’t know what they’re talking about. Whether it’s just the medication they’re on or something actually sinister, Brightcliffe does have a past that’s full of the occult.

Not only is Ilonka trying to come to terms with the fact that she has a terminal disease and could die very soon, but she’s also determined to learn the history of Brightcliffe and what this creepy paragon symbol she keeps seeing means. Are there ghosts in the facility, and if so, what do they want?

The Midnight Club deaths

Though it seems there could be something supernatural going on at Brightcliffe, something that could prove very dangerous, the only two deaths in The Midnight Club occur because of disease. A patient named Tristan dies in Episode 3 after being in isolation, and then a central character, a patient named Anya (Ruth Codd), passes away in Episode 7.

Anya’s death is particularly upsetting because we really get to know her throughout the season. We get to hear her stories at the midnight club and learn about the important people in her life, namely a boy named Rhett. Her death comes after the group tries to perform a ritual in the basement to save her life. Unfortunately, it does not work, which discourages Ilonka. It’s difficult for Ilonka to accept that some people just can’t be saved.

The Midnight Club brings the spooky vibes that are perfect for October, but what’s more compelling about the show is its focus on humanity. You can stream all 10 episodes on Netflix right now.

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