Is Outer Banks season 3 coming out this winter? (2022)

Outer Banks season 2 arrived on Netflix in July 2021. We were hoping another summer release would happen for the third season, but unfortunately, that wasn’t in the cards. Could we be getting the next part of the story this winter?

It’s no surprise the action-adventure series has turned into a Netflix hit! There’s so many things that are so great about it! And with that crazy season 2 finale, we are impatiently waiting for the next installment.

By the end of season 2, Sarah tries to escape the ship Ward forcefully put her on. When she tries to leave, her father strangles her. John B is there to save his love and has the chance to kill the man who took his father from him. But the brave teen is strong, and lets Ward go.

The crew members help Rafe recover the Cross by shooting at Pope, who jumps overboard with Cleo. And so, the Pogues unfortunately lose the Cross. The whole group winds up on a lifeboat and lands on a deserted island, with their families investigating their disappearance. The biggest reveal was left to the very end: Big John is alive and Carla Limbrey is visiting him!

So the new season didn’t arrive in the summer, could we be seeing it in the colder months this year?

Is Outer Banks season 3 coming out in winter 2022?

I’m sorry to say, but we won’t be seeing Outer Banks season 3 in winter 2022. That means the mystery teen drama won’t be here at all this year.

At Netflix’s TUDUM event, the streamer announced OBX 3 is coming sometime in 2023. But an exact release date has not been confirmed yet. And so, we continue to wait.

While it won’t be coming in the winter of this year, there’s still a possibility our favorite show could debut its new season in winter 2023. After all, filming is done and that would be plenty of time for the series to wrap up post-production. Hopefully, the streaming service gives us a release date soon!

Outer Banks seasons 1 and 2 are streaming on Netflix.