All American season 5 is not coming in Netflix in October 2022

Fall TV is back, and All American season 5 is finally coming to The CW. There’s a wait on our hands for it to come to Netflix, though.

I know you panicked at first. You just know All American season 5 premieres this month. It’s in all the promos. Don’t worry; that hasn’t changed. However, the show is not coming to Netflix.

All American is a CW series. The season will air on The CW on Mondays first, and will eventually head to Netflix. The releases don’t happy right away, though. We have a bit of a wait on our hands to see Spencer and co. back on the streaming platform.

If you don’t have access to The CW, there is a bit of good news. You will be able to stream the episodes for free th next day. They all head to The CW App. It is ad-supported, but that makes it just like watching on broadcast. Only five episodes are available at a time, so make sure you watch each one as soon as you can.

When will All American season 5 air on Netflix?

So, what about the Netflix release? We have to wait until the full season has aired before it comes to Netflix. That means we’re waiting until 2023.

While Netflix hasn’t confirmed the season length just yet, we’re expecting it to wrap in May 2023 as normal. This will mean All American season 5 will drop in full in either May or June. It all depends on exactly when in May the finale airs.

We have to wait eight days between the finale and the Netflix release. This can mean a May release like for season 4. It sometimes means a June release. We’ll be sure to keep an eye on finale dates closer to the time to let you know.

All American is available to stream on Netflix. Season 5 airs on Mondays at 8/7c on The CW.