What is the Netflix series The Empress about?

The Empress. Cr: Julia Terjung/Netflix.
The Empress. Cr: Julia Terjung/Netflix. /

Fans of shows like Bridgerton and The Crown are in for a treat this weekend when Netflix drops the new series The Empress, a new regal series about a Bavarian princess becoming an Austrian empress in the 1800s.

Based on the trailer and the early images released for the series, no expense was spared in creating this decadent, lavish period drama. The production design looks beautiful, and the costumes are just as magnificent as one would expect from a high-budget drama like this one.

Empress Elisabeth (“Sisi”) captured the world’s attention, but her journey to the throne was not an easy one. Once an outsider, Sisi is thrust into the center of the Viennese Court, The Empress will chart Sisi’s journey from outsider to the righthand of Austria’s Emperor, Franz Joseph.

If you like watching period dramas for the gorgeous set pieces, romance, and political machinations, then The Empress should be the perfect fit for you as the series will delve into the power struggles surrounding the court and the epic love story at its center.

Is The Empress based on a true story?

Yes, The Empress is based on the true story of Franz Joseph I of Austria and Empress Elisabeth of Austria. You can expect the show to stray true to its history, but it’s also likely some liberties will be taken for dramatic purposes.

Is The Empress in English?

No, the series is a German-language show, so if you are an English speaker, you’ll need to use subtitles, although it looks like an English dub is also available if you prefer.

What is The Empress about?

Netflix’s upcoming drama comes from creator Katharina Eyssen and stars Devrim Lingnau as Sisi. Philip Froissant plays Franz. We’ll follow this couple as they find their way together and navigate the perils of the Austrian Empire, including dealing with Franz’s overbearing mother, Sophie.

The official synopsis from Netflix:

"When rebellious Elisabeth (“Sisi”) meets Franz, Emperor of Austria, the young couple’s extraordinary love completely jumbles the dynasty’s power structure. After the wedding, the young empress not only has to find herself in a world that is strange to her, but also has to assert herself against Sophie, her mother-in-law, who before had been the most powerful woman at court. Furthermore, Franz’s unpredictable brother Maxi, who, as the second born, has always stood in the shadow of his powerful brother, turns Sisi’s emotional world upside down. While enemy troops are forming up at the borders of the Habsburg empire, a new revolution lies in the air in Vienna. Elisabeth has to find out who she can trust and what it costs to become the empress and figure of hope for an entire nation."

Watch the official trailer for the series:

The Empress premieres worldwide on September 29, only on Netflix. Stay tuned to Netflix Life for updates and news about the series.

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