Is Goodnight Mommy on Netflix?

For those who need another horror movie, there’s a new one streaming right now. Where can you watch Goodnight Mommy online? Is it on Netflix?

Horror movies don’t need to wait for October. We can watch them any time of the year, although as we get closer to fall, they’re likely more on our minds. Goodnight Mommy is the latest release, a reboot of the 2014 Austrian movie of the same name.

Naomi Watts stars as the Mom in this story. She’s all bandaged up, and at first, that doesn’t seem all too out of the ordinary. However, her twin sons soon realize that something is off. Their mother isn’t acting as she usually does. What if there is someone else under the bandages?

Is Goodnight Mommy on Netflix?

Where can you stream the horror movie? There is some bad news for those looking for it on Netflix. This is not streaming on the platform, and it likely never will.

The movie is an Amazon Studios production, and it’s gone to Prime Video. Unless something major happens to either Netflix or Amazon, there’s just no need for the two platforms to share content. We just don’t see that happening any time soon.

There are a few other options to watch on Netflix. No One Gets Out Alive, Hypnotic, and Possessor come to mind. If you’re more in the mood for a TV show, look out for The Haunting of Hill HouseBlood Red Sky, and The Girl in the Mirror.

What about a Digital or DVD release? It’s highly unlikely that something like that is going to happen. We don’t get to see a lot of Amazon exclusive releases head to Digital or DVD. There are the odd shows and movies, but nothing like Goodnight Mommy.

Goodnight Mommy is available to stream on Prime Video.