The Witcher season 4 and season 5 rumored to be in the works already at Netflix

Filming on The Witcher season 3 officially wrapped a few days ago, but Netflix is reportedly already looking ahead to the future of the dark fantasy franchise on the service. According to Redanian Intelligence, Netflix might have quietly greenlit The Witcher season 4 and season 5.

Previously, director Stephen Surjik hinted at the show receiving an early renewal when he spoke about the fourth season already being mapped out. Now it looks like there might be truth to that suggestion and more.

We probably won’t see the third season debut until late 2023 since post-production will take several months. Netflix also has The Witcher prequel series Blood Origin to release at some point, but the series has had a troubled production and is rumored to be undergoing an extensive retooling process. It’s now unclear if the prequel will debut by the end of 2022, as was previously rumored.

The Witcher season 4 and season 5 might film back-to-back

Per the outlet, if The Witcher does indeed move forward with at least two more seasons, then writing will likely get underway very soon on the fourth season.

As for filming, it’s unlikely that filming will begin on the next two seasons until sometime in 2023 or 2024, especially if it is going to be a back-to-back shoot which will take significant scheduling and planning due to the large cast, stunts, and shooting location.

The show also takes a while to film, generally five or six months, so they would have to prep for a year or more of filming, likely with intermittent breaks.

Similarly, the Netflix series Vikings: Valhalla also shot its three seasons back-to-back. With Netflix’s big Tudum event coming up on September 24, we should get an update on The Witcher franchise, both the main series and the prequel.

Will The Witcher season 5 be the last season?

It’s way too early to tell. It would be great to see The Witcher get at least seven seasons, but it’s rare for a Netflix show to reach that number. That said, it’s also rare for a Netflix show to go past three seasons, so it does look like the streamer is invested in seeing The Witcher through to the end of the story.

Perhaps the streaming service will announce a multi-year plan for the show at Tudum.