Unsolved Mysteries volume 3 coming this October

Unsolved Mysteries volume 3 - Cr. Netflix
Unsolved Mysteries volume 3 - Cr. Netflix /

Unsolved Mysteries is finally coming back! Netflix rebooted the true crime classic in 2019 before volumes one and two debuted in 2020. It has been over two years since we’ve seen new episodes, but they’re finally on the way. Unsolved Mysteries volume 3 will air as part of a special Netflix and Chills three-week event on the streaming service.

It seems like Netflix is trying to go big with their seasonal Halloween lineup this year since this is the second “event” airing they have announced for October. Guillermo del Toro’s horror anthology series Cabinet of Curiosities will also forgo Netflix’s usual “release all at once” method in exchange for airing two episodes per day between October 25 and 28.

All of it is pretty good news for fans of spooky stuff since it means we’ll have plenty of new content to watch throughout the month.

Unsolved Mysteries volume 3 release date

Unsolved Mysteries volume 3 be split up across three nights: October 18October 25, and November 1. Netflix hasn’t confirmed the episode count yet.

Netflix has not yet revealed what cases will be covered in the third volume. The previous 12 episodes featured everything from UFOs to unbelievable disappearances, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens next.

The original Unsolved Mysteries started in 1987 and ran for more than 550 episodes before ending in 2010. A decade later, Netflix revived the show. Throughout the first run, the show left virtually no topic unexplored, tackling cryptozoology, spiritual encounters, and so much more.

Hopefully, within the next month, Netflix will release a trailer or press release to give us more information on which cases the third season will feature.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article said there would be six episodes total in volume 3, but Netflix has not actually confirmed the episode count yet!

Unsolved Mysteries volume 3 will air across three weeks in October. New episodes will debut on Oct. 18, Oct. 25, and Nov. 1. You can watch the first two volumes on Netflix.

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