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Dated and Related arrives on Netflix on Sept. 2. While waiting for the new Netflix original series to premiere, we’re getting to know the contestants. Next up on the list is Joey Roppo.

Dated and Related is a dating series produced by Great Scott Media and Main Event Media. The show’s title might throw off you a bit, but I promise it’s not what you’re thinking. It’s a dating experiment hosted by Too Hot to Handle‘s Melinda Berry. It follows pairs of siblings as they attempt to help each other find love. And of course, there’s a cash prize of a whopping $100,000 for the winning family.

So who is Dated and Related contestant Joey Roppo? We shared everything there is to know about Joey right below!

Joey Roppo age

Joey is 28 years old and from Seattle, Washington. However, he currently lives in Los Angeles, California. He’s the older overprotective brother of Corrina Roppo.

Joey Roppo Instagram

You can find Joey on Instagram at @joeyroppo. He has over 1k followers and 25 posts. If you scroll through his page, you’ll quickly realize that he enjoys posting full-body photos and photos of himself and his sister. His most recent posts are related to Dated and Related. Lastly, his follower count will significantly increase once everyone sees him in the reality series.

Joey Roppo TikTok

Joey can be found on TikTok at the handle @joeyroppo. As of Aug. 30, he has 7,883 followers. Like his Instagram follower count, his TikTok follower count will increase considerably soon. The majority of his posts are videos of him dancing. He also has a couple of videos of him and his sister dancing. If you enjoy his content, you should go ahead and give him a follow.

Joey Roppo height

Joey reportedly stands at 6 feet 2 inches tall. He has brown curly hair and blue eyes.

Joey Roppo job

According to Joey’s bio provided by Netflix, he is a Customs brokerage manager. It’s unknown where he works, though. Now that he’s set to star in Dated and Related, he’s also a TV Personality. Additionally, he used to play basketball for his alma mater, Central Washington University.

You can catch Joey Roppo in Dated and Related streaming on Netflix on Sept. 2!

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