Is Partner Track based on a book?

Partner Track. (L to R) Dominic Sherwood as Jeff Murphy, Arden Cho as Ingrid Yun in episode 101 of Partner Track. Cr. Vanessa Clifton/Netflix © 2022
Partner Track. (L to R) Dominic Sherwood as Jeff Murphy, Arden Cho as Ingrid Yun in episode 101 of Partner Track. Cr. Vanessa Clifton/Netflix © 2022 /

Netflix has adapted a lot of different books to screen over the years with some of the streamer’s most popular shows and movies coming from novel inspiration. Is the latest series Partner Track also based on a book?

The new show stars Arden Cho as Ingrid Cho, a resourceful and sharp woman about to turn 30 who wants to make partner at her law firm more than anything. Throughout the show’s 10-episode first season, we follow Ingrid’s career and romantic exploits as she fights tooth and nail for what she wants in a high-powered law firm that isn’t always as progressive or inclusive as it could be.

Partner Track is already earning fantastic reviews from critics and is sure to be a big hit with audiences when the series finally premieres this weekend. If you’re looking forward to watching the show, you should also check out the book it is based on.

Is Partner Track based on a book?

Yes, Partner Track is based on the contemporary adult fiction novel The Partner Track written by Helen Wan. I have not read the book, so I cannot say how closely the show sticks to the source material, but based on the synopsis it sounds very similar.

Here is the complete book synopsis from GoodReads, for those who might be interested in checking out Wan’s novel either before or after watching the show:

"A young attorney must choose between the prestige of partnership and  the American Dream that she — and her immigrant parents — have come so close to achieving in this riveting debutIn the eyes of her corporate law firm, Ingrid Yung is a “two-fer.” As a Chinese-American woman about to be ushered into the elite rank of partner, she’s the face of Parsons Valentine & Hunt LLP’s recruiting brochures—their treasured “Golden Girl.” But behind the firm’s welcoming façade lies the scotch-sipping, cigar-smoking old-boy network that shuts out lawyers like Ingrid.To compensate, Ingrid gamely plays in the softball league, schmoozes in the corporate cafeteria, and puts in the billable hours — until a horrifically offensive performance at the law firm’s annual summer outing throws the carefully constructed image way out of equilibrium.Scrambling to do damage control, Parsons Valentine announces a new “Diversity Initiative” and commands a reluctant Ingrid to spearhead the effort, taking her priority away from the enormous deal that was to be the final step in securing partnership. For the first time, Ingrid finds herself at odds with her colleagues — including her handsome, golden-boy boyfriend — in a clash of class, race, and sexual politics."

Is Partner Track based on a true story?

Considering Helen Wan practiced corporate and media law at law firms in New York, I would not be surprised if aspects of the book were pulled from her real-life experiences. That said, the book is marketed as fiction so, no, it’s not based on a true story.

Partner Track is releasing on Netflix this Friday, August 26.

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