Locke and Key key guide: How many keys are in Locke and Key and what are they?

There are a lot of different keys to keep track of in Locke and Key and Locke and Key season 3 introduces four more. With the Lockes regularly finding new keys in Keyhouse, it’s easy to forget which ones they have already discovered and what each key does.

Mild spoilers ahead for Locke and Key season 3

The following guide aims to simplify things by clarifying what all the various keys do and tally how many the Lockes have actually found in total throughout their time at Keyhouse. Locke and Key season 3 is streaming now on Netflix and the new season serves as the conclusion to the show.

How many keys are in Locke and Key?

There are 20 keys introduced in the first two seasons and four new keys found in season 3, so altogether there are 24 keys featured in Locke and Key. The comics have several more.

New keys introduced in Locke and Key season 3

There are four new keys introduced in the third season, the Animal Key, the Creation Key, the Snow Globe Key and the Timeshift Key. The Animal Key opens the Animal Door and turns the user into an animal once they go through the door.

The Timeshift Key allows the user to go back in time and witness past events. The Snow Globe Key must be inserted into the magical snow globe in Keyhouse. Using it allows the users to be transported inside the snow globe, but it can also work as a trap. The Creation Key allows the user to bring any drawing to life.

List of all keys featured in Locke and Key

Below is a list of all the keys featured in Locke and Key, specifically the show. This list doesn’t include keys mentioned only in the comics.

  • Alpha Key – Separates demon from host
  • Angel Key – Allows user to fly with wings/harness
  • Anywhere Key – Travel anywhere
  • Chain Key – Traps victim in chains
  • Demon Key – Causes victim to become possessed by a demon
  • Echo Key – Summons an “echo” of a dead person into Wellhouse
  • Ghost Key – Turns user into a ghost
  • Harlequin Key – Unlocks the Harlequin Chest
  • Head Key – Lets user travel into someone’s mind
  • Hercules Key – Turns you super strong
  • Identity Key – Changes user’s appearance
  • Matchstick Key – Starts fire
  • Memory Key – Allows adults to remember the magic of Keyhouse
  • Mending Key – Unlocks Mending Cabinet
  • Mirror Key – Opens dimension inside mirror, can trap people inside
  • Music Box Key – Used with music box to control people
  • Omega Key – Opens the Black Door
  • Plant Key – Control plants
  • Shadow Key – Used with Crown of Shadows to open Vault of Shadows and control shadows
  • Small World Key – Used with the Keyhouse dollhouse to impact what happens in the house

Plus, the four new keys introduced in Locke and Key season 3 as mentioned above.

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