Where was Keep Breathing starring Melissa Barrera filmed?

Keep Breathing is crash-landing on Netflix tomorrow and one of the first things viewers are sure to notice in this survival drama is the gorgeous, lush backdrop of Canadian wilderness.

Actress Melissa Barrera plays Liv, a young woman who finds herself fighting for survival in this vast expanse after the plane she boarded to Inuvik crash lands into a body of water. From there, she becomes a lone survivor who must use all of her wits and natural resourcefulness to make it out alive.

Even if you haven’t watched the show yet, you probably noticed the scenic backdrop evident in photos and the show’s official trailer. If you’re curious about where the series filmed, we can give you some more details! The show filmed in various places throughout British Columbia, Canada, but you’ll find more exact locations below. Many of them are even places you can visit.

Keep Breathing filming locations

Narcity provided a great breakdown of the various filming locations used to create Keep Breathing. The show takes place in the Canadian wilderness so it makes sense that production wanted to mimic that setting by actually filming on location.

Some places where the show filmed also hosted other Netflix productions like Maid and The Adam Project. According to Narcity, Keep Breathing shot in places like Squamish, Whistler, Vancouver, Mission, Vancouver Island and Cobble Island.

Is Inuvik in Keep Breathing a real place?

Inuvik is Liv’s ultimate destination. Her desire to get there is the whole reason she willingly gets on a plane with two strangers. Yes, Inuvik is a real place! It’s a town in the Northwest Territories of Canada.

Keep Breathing releases on Netflix on July 28.