What is Rebelde season 2 about on Netflix?

Get ready to add some smashing new hits to your playlist when Rebelde season 2 arrives on Netflix on July 27! In just two days, viewers will get to see the return of the students of EWS, and this season, things have heated up and the drama has intensified.

Rebelde season 1 premiered back in January and people couldn’t wait to see if the sequel did the original series justice. Most people absolutely loved the teen series, and in a surprise move by Netflix, the show was renewed for a second season only four days after the first season was released.

Since the first season ended with so many unanswered questions, fans are more than ready to see the story continue. But what will Rebelde season 2 be about? We’ve got you covered! We shared the synopsis and more right below.

Rebelde season 2 synopsis

The second season should answer some if not all of the questions left unanswered in season 1. Remember, the first season ends with the newly formed band, originally called the Nonames, turned into Rebelde (Jana, Estebán, Andi, Dixon, Luka, MJ), exposing the members of the Lodge, competing in the battle of the bands, and seemingly winning the competition. MJ was supposed to perform with the band but ended up betraying them and performing with Sebas to protect herself. Emilia quits XY and her and Andi officially become a couple. MJ and Dixon’s budding relationship is up in the air after she leaves Rebelde and performs with Sebas. Lastly, Luka ends up getting expelled from EWS and is seen driving off to somewhere unknown.

In the upcoming season, there’s a new music director at EWS named Mr. Bauman, who’s more into solo acts than bands. By the end of the semester, one student will have the opportunity to record an EP which will be a stepping stone to launching their music career. This will obviously make things hard for every student at EWS, but more specifically, Rebelde. New students are also arriving at EWS, including a student named Okane, who is sent to the music school to clean up his act. He and Luka form a bond and may possibly become love interests. Also, Andi and Emilia will be faced with relationship troubles.

In the Rebelde season 2 trailer, it looks like MJ and Dixon patch things up since they’re shown kissing. Then, a car wreck happens involving Jana. We also see two people carried off in gurneys. Lastly, Mr. Bauman expels a student and someone is seen falling off the roof of EWS.

Here’s a look at the thrilling official trailer to get pumped for the show’s release!

We can already tell this season will have viewers on the edge of their seats. So get your snacks and drinks ready because Rebelde season 2 lands on Netflix on July 27!