6 best Netflix shows to watch on Fourth of July 2022

First Kill. (L to R) Imani Lewis as Calliope, Sarah Catherine Hook as Juliette in episode 106 of First Kill. Cr. Brian Douglas/Netflix © 2022
First Kill. (L to R) Imani Lewis as Calliope, Sarah Catherine Hook as Juliette in episode 106 of First Kill. Cr. Brian Douglas/Netflix © 2022 /

It’s finally time for the Fourth of July, which is officially the kick off of summer and the perfect time to beat the heat inside while watching some good Netflix shows.

Over the past few months, Netflix has released some of the best new shows of the year that everybody’s still talking about. Of course, that includes the massive return of Stranger Things as well as the premiere of the new fan favorite First Kill.

But there are lots of shows worth catching up on over the long weekend to get ready for upcoming new seasons. When else can you rewatch a summer staple show or dive into the latest episodes of the most popular medical drama on television?

Netflix shows Fourth of July 2022

Here are six of the best Netflix shows to add to your watch for Fourth of July, beginning below with the biggest new release of the month (and year), Stranger Things.

Stranger Things

Obviously, the show most of the world will be tuning into on Netflix over the Fourth of July holiday weekend is Stranger Things. The highly anticipated second volume of the fourth season brings two new super-sized episodes on July 1 that bring the season to an end. But once you finish those episodes, you can start the series over again and watch the Fourth of July-themed third season!

Outer Banks

Since we sadly won’t be getting a new season of Outer Banks this summer, there’s no reason we still can’t get our OBX fix in July. Last year, Netflix released season 2 in July, and it’s that time of the year again where we wish we could watch the Pogues’ latest adventures. Over the holiday weekend, binge-watch the first two action-packed seasons of Outer Banks.

Never Have I Ever

In case you’re in need of some laughs over the holiday weekend, rewatch the first two seasons of the Mindy Kaling co-created Netflix teen comedy series Never Have I Ever. Like Outer Banks, the second season premiered last July and was a huge hit. The third season arrives on Netflix in August, and it’s the perfect time to catch up with Devi and her friends.

Grey’s Anatomy

The latest season of the history-making medical drama has dropped on Netflix just in time for a binge-watch over the Fourth of July weekend. Grey’s Anatomy season 18 hit the streamer on June 25 and immediately sent the series into the top 10. Relive every moment of the newest episodes before season 19 makes its premiere on ABC this fall.

Virgin River

Even though we’ve lamented two shows that premiered new seasons last July that won’t be returning this July, one of our favorite actually will be back this month. Virgin River season 4 hits our watch list on July 20 with 12 new episodes. Over the holiday weekend, refresh your memory on all the small-town drama that went down in the first three seasons.

First Kill

If you haven’t yet watched the new teen supernatural drama that everyone’s raving about, sit back during the long weekend and watch First Kill. The fans of the new series are championing for a second-season renewal, and Netflix will be looking at those all-important first-month viewership numbers. Help them out and watch one of the most exciting new Netflix shows!

Which Netflix shows will you be watching over the Fourth of July weekend?

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