Does Sloane die in The Umbrella Academy season 3?

The Umbrella Academy season 3 is streaming now on Netflix and the newest batch of episodes of Netflix’s wildly fun superhero drama definitely packs quite the punch.

Across the 10-episode season, there is so much that unfolds we’re still trying to process it all and have a feeling we’ll be talking about the season and its many twists right up until the moment season 4 arrives.

Heading into the season, one of the biggest known twists was the introduction of The Sparrow Academy who play a major role across the season. In fact, right out of the gate, we quickly are introduced to the key members of The Sparrow Academy including their Sloane, the Sparrow’s Number 5.

Warning: The Umbrella Academy season 3 spoilers ahead. 

The members of The Sparrow Academy each play key roles across the season, but there is no denying that Sloane and Ben have the biggest impact on the season. While we anticipated Ben would have a major role given his history as a former member of The Umbrella Academy, Sloane ended up sneaking under the radar and quickly established herself as a key player this season.

While most of the Sparrows want nothing to do with The Umbrella Academy members and vice versa, Sloane quickly finds herself falling for Luther.

Do Sloane and Luther get together in The Umbrella Academy?

Through her budding romance with Luther, Sloane becomes an ally to him and The Umbrella Academy early on in the season. When her siblings are quick to write Luther and The Umbrella Academy off, Sloane shows them compassion and fights alongside them in many moments across the season.

The connection she forms with Luther proves beneficial to her as well. Take for example the moment in which Harlan steps in to protect Viktor and his siblings at the Hotel Obsidion. Harlan’s attack results in the death of two Sparrows, but Luther springs into action to protect Sloane from Harlan’s blast which saves her life.

The feelings the pair have for one another quickly blossom into something more and within just a few episodes Luther and Sloane become engaged and later marry one another in a small ceremony as the apocalypse looms.

Did Sloane die in The Umbrella Academy season 3?

Unfortunately, Luther and Sloane’s happiness is cut short when Sir Reginald murders him in an effort to convince his children to follow his plan and enter the gateway to Hotel Oblivion. The death of Luther, inspires Sloane to follow the remaining members of The Umbrella Academy into the gateway to face off against the guardians of the realm who Sir Reginald claimed killed Luther.

Once at Hotel Oblivion, Sloane battles alongside Ben and The Umbrella Academy and successfully kill the guardians. Unfortunately, Sir Reginald turns on them and begins draining their life force to power a machine he says will help to reset the universe.

While Allison stops him before he can complete the process and saves everyone in the process, she notices a blinking icon on the machine. After convincing Viktor to trust her, she hits the button which seems to trigger a reset of the Universe.

When we next see the Hargreeves, they exit a door from the Obsidian Hotel which takes them outside to an Obsidian Memorial Park. It doesn’t take long for the family to realize something is up after Luther returns looking human again, which prompts the group to realize that Five’s arm has healed as have Diego’s fingers. This is when they also realize that Allison and Sloane are nowhere to be seen.

We discover Allison was alive and back at her home with Claire and Ray, but there is absolutely no sign of Sloane. Considering the universe seems to have been reset which opened the door for Claire, Ray and Luther’s return, it seems safe to assume Allison is alive somewhere in this new universe — it’s just a matter of where.

The Umbrella Academy season 3 is streaming now on Netflix.