Quest for an Iron Legend season 2 updates: Will there be another season?

Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend dropped on Netflix last week on June 15. Since then, fans have eagerly binge-watched the entirety of the eight-episode first season and are keen to find out if Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend season 2 is in the works at Netflix.

Spoilers ahead for Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend 

If you haven’t watched the show yet, you might want to turn back now before we reveal what happened at the end! Ultimately, no one wins the golden knife because the Challenger Chef is defeated by the Iron Chefs in the finale showdown.

That means the quest needs to continue and the odds of another season happening seem likely. Below we’ll go into more detail on the chance of Netflix renewed this fun cooking competition series for another season.

Is there going to be a Quest for an Iron Legend season 2 on Netflix?

It looks like there will be another season. During the finale of the first season, The Chairman teases that the journey to find an Iron Legend will continue. It would make sense for the show to continue Challenger Chef Esther Choi is defeated after facing off against all five Iron Chefs. No one wins the status of Iron Legend.

However, Netflix has not officially announced a second season, so nothing is set in stone. But I would be surprised if the show was canceled.

When could Quest for an Iron Legend season 2 premiere?

If the show is renewed, it seems likely we would see the second season debut in 2023, or maybe even at the end of this year, depending on if they’ve already filmed it or not.

What did you think about Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend? Would you like to see another season of the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend is now streaming on Netflix.