Is The Bad Seed Returns on Netflix?

Mckenna Grace is back again in her most horrifying role yet as she stars in the chillingly effective sequel The Bad Seed Returns. But is it available on Netflix?

Most people know Grace from her work on such films as Marvel’s Captain Marvel and Ghostbusters: Afterlife. But she also doesn’t shy away from the scary side of things with her role in Malignant and her frighteningly fantastic turn in The Bad Seed, a 2018 horror drama, as well as its highly anticipated sequel, The Bad Seed Returns.

Grace shocked audiences in the first film as Emma Grossman, a young girl whose father suspects she might have something to do with a tragic death of a classmate. The follow-up has Emma back in action, but this time a new girl at school is on to her sinister ways, leaving the dangerous teen no choice but to eradicate her enemies by any means necessary.

Netflix has never been one to disappoint when it comes to providing all kinds of great content, especially for those that love the horror drama mash-ups that keep viewers both enthralled and terrified. Keep reading to find out if The Bad Seed Returns is one of the many unnerving options that meet that criteria ready to stream now.

Is The Bad Seed Returns available on Netflix?

Unfortunately, The Bad Seed Returns is not one of the many exceptional choices available on Netflix, and it is unknown if this situation will ever change. What is known for sure is that subscribers can’t watch Mckenna Grace terrorize others, and that is definitely not ideal by any means.

Netflix does have several other horror drama titles available that are sure not to dissatisfy fans. Some of the excellent options from this particular combo of genres ready to stream now include All of Us Are Dead, The Haunting of Hill House, Bird Box, and Things Heard & Seen, just to name a few.

Where you can stream The Bad Seed Returns

The Bad Seed Returns was originally scheduled to air on Lifetime on, May 30, 2022. But in response to the tragic shooting in Texas, the network has decided to push the release of the feature to a date TBD later this year.

You can check out the trailer below: