Welcome to Eden season 2 release updates: Will there be another season?

Welcome to Eden is streaming right now on Netflix! Many people have already made their way through the complete first season, and can’t believe everything that happened in the thriller series. Now, they’re searching everywhere for any updates on a Welcome to Eden season 2. Look no further! We shared everything we know about a second installment right below.

Welcome to Eden is a Spanish thriller series created and written by Joaquín Górriz and Guillermo López Sánchez. Daniel Benmayor and Menna Fité directed all the episodes and Brutal Media produced the show. It’s about four young adults who get invited to an exclusive party on a secret island, organized by a new drink brand. But the young adults have no idea that the island they’re about to visit holds dark secrets. What starts as a fun adventure turns into a complete nightmare for the guests.

The well-ensemble cast includes Belinda Peregrín, Berta Vázquez, Amaia Aberasturi, Amaia Salamanca, Lola Rodríguez, Sergio Momo, Begoña Vargas, Ana Mena, and many other talented actors.

UPDATED 5/26/22 with renewal status and details about plot and cast!

Below, you’ll find everything there is to know about Welcome to Eden season 2!

How many seasons of Welcome to Eden are there?

There is only one season of the new original series, and it’s available to stream on Netflix. The first season consists of eight episodes with episode runtimes ranging from 36-46 minutes long.

Will there be a Welcome to Eden season 2?

YES! On May 25, Netflix announced on its official Netflix Spain Instagram account that Welcome to Eden would be coming back for a second season! The caption to the post was in Spanish, so we translated it to English. The caption reads, “The antennas send us a clear message: #WelcomeAEdén will have a second season.”

Since the thriller series premiere on May 6, the show has been faring well on the streamer. So the possibility of a second season was high. The first season ended with tons of unanswered questions, so there was definitely more story to tell.

In fact, before the show’s premiere, a Spanish news outlet reported that Welcome to Eden had already been renewed for a second season and filming would be starting soon. Heraldo said, “The experience has been entirely satisfactory, to the point that this area will once again be the setting for the second season, which will begin shooting shortly. The recording of the first took place between March 15 and April 30 of last year, with a technical team of 90 people who revolutionized the area, especially Valderrobres, where they were staying.” Netflix hadn’t confirmed the rumor then, but now with the official renewal announcement, it looks like there was some truth to it.

Welcome to Eden season 2 release updates

Since the show was just recently renewed, it makes it hard to figure out when exactly the second season could arrive on Netflix. However, our best release date prediction would be sometime in 2023 or 2024. Once we have confirmation that filming has started, we’ll have a better idea of when the second season could possibly land on the streamer.

What will happen in Welcome to Eden season 2?

As we mentioned earlier, the first season ends with a lot of unanswered questions. At the end of the final episode of season 1, Zoa finally makes it to the boat to leave the island, but she sees her sister Gabi getting off the boat to attend the Eden festival. Will Zoa stay on the island to protect her sister, or will she still leave? There’s also the problem of Ulises. Ibon drowns Ulises and then Eloy is seen dragging his body out into the ocean. Won’t people on the island eventually know that he’s missing?

Charly made it to the boat and it looked like Mayka wasn’t going to tell on him to Astrid. So will Charly safely leave the island, or will he change his mind and stay for Mayka? We also never found out who attacked Erick. And who is Isaac? He’s seemingly the only kid on the island, so where did he come from?

Lastly, what did Africa activate in Astrid and Erick’s apartment? We know that an antenna was activated that sent a signal to outer space, but what does that mean for Eden? There are so many questions that need answers. All of our unanswered questions should be answered in the upcoming second season.

Who could be returning for Welcome to Eden season 2?

It looks like Amaia Aberasturi (Zoa), Lola Rodríguez (Mayka), Belinda Peregrin (Africa), Begona Vargas (Bel), Berta Castane (Gabi), Amaia Salamanca (Astrid), Sergio Momo (Nico), Tomás Aguilera (Charly), Guillermo Pfening (Erick), Claudia Trujillo (Brenda), Diego Garisa (Ibon), Max Sampietro (Isaac), Irene Dev (Alma), Joan Pedrola (Orson), and Carlos Soroa (Eloy) could be returning for the second season. The returning cast has not been confirmed. This is only speculation. We’ll likely meet some new characters in Welcome to Eden season 2 as well.

We’ll definitely share the returning and new cast once Netflix releases the full cast list for season 2. Make sure to stay tuned to Netflix Life for more news and coverage on Welcome to Eden season 2!