The Circle season 4: Who was eliminated in episode 13 and what were the final rankings?

The Circle Season 4. Eversen Bevelle as Eversen The Circle Season 4. Courtesy of Netflix © 2021.
The Circle Season 4. Eversen Bevelle as Eversen The Circle Season 4. Courtesy of Netflix © 2021. /

And just like that The Circle season 4 has reached its end. After an eventful season, The Circle‘s fourth season came to a close on May 25 with the release of the season 4 finale which tasked the finalists with ranking their fellow contestants one last time before a winner was crowned.

Of course, in addition to making their final rankings in voting for a winner, the finale also gave the players the chance to finally meet face-to-face for the first time after communicating only through their Circle chats.

As you can expect, the finalists were definitely surprised to see they were playing with a catfish who was married to Circle royalty. We’re, of course, referring to Trevor whose wife won The Circle season 2 while playing as him which is why he couldn’t enter the game as himself.

But enough with the small talk, let’s get into the spoilers you’ve come here for today: the final rankings of the season and who was sent home in the episode.

ALERT!  The Circle season 4 finale spoilers are ahead. If you haven’t yet checked out the finale and are hoping to avoid any spoilers, now might be a good time for your to exit Circle Chat and come back once you’ve finished the finale.

Who was sent home this week on The Circle? (May 25, 2022)

In our final elimination of the season, Nathan (aka Alex) was sent home just shy of the final rankings of the season.

To recap, leading up to the finale, Frank was selected as the season’s final influencer, a super influencer who had the chance to anonymously block one player. In episode 12, it was revealed that, in addition to himself, Frank had also saved Rachel, Imani (aka Trevor) and Yu Ling which left Nathan and Everson on the chopping block.

While it could have gone either way, Frank ultimately chose to send home Nathan (aka Alex) bringing his time in The Circle to an end just before the final rankings and winner were crowned.

The Circle season 4 finale rankings

With the final five set, it was time for the remaining players to make their final rankings which led to the winner being crowned. In the end, it was Frank who came in at the top of the rankings in the season 4 finale to walk away as the season’s winner.

Just how did the rest of the rankings shake out? Here are the final rankings from The Circle season 4 finale:

  • First Place: Frank
  • Second Place: Imani aka Trevor
  • Third Place: Yu Ling
  • Fourth Place: Rachel
  • Fifth Place: Everson

The Circle season 4 is streaming now on Netflix!

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