Cobra Kai season 5 is not coming to Netflix in June 2022

With some big releases on Netflix happening recently, we’re more than ready for more Cobra Kai. Cobra Kai season 5 isn’t one of the June releases on Netflix.

It’s more bad news when it comes to the return of Cobra Kai. Season 5 isn’t going to arrive in June 2022. Of course, we didn’t really expect it, but we would have loved a miracle.

There are some big releases happening this month, though. With The Umbrella Academy season 3 dropping toward the end of the month, there’s no way Netflix would want to put Cobra Kai in too. It’s worth spreading out the big shows to keep people subscribed, right?

There is some good news in this post, though. We know when Cobra Kai season 5 is coming to Netflix. There isn’t that much longer left to wait.

Cobra Kai season 5 release date on Netflix

Netflix revealed the release date earlier this month. We only have to wait until Friday, Sept. 9. Oh yes, all episodes will drop at once and it’s sure to be a fun weekend.

The release date announcement came in the form of a video that included clips, a little like a trailer. We’re sure to get a full trailer closer to the release date, though. This is more of a teaser.

Daniel is dealing with the closure of his dojo, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to let Terry Silver get away with everything. Chozen is in California to help deal with the situation, and he is “gasoline.” Will the two of them be able to bring down Terry? They’ll certainly try!

They may end up having Tory’s help. It looks like she’s struggling to deal with celebrating her win now that she knows it wasn’t on her own merit.

Meanwhile, Johnny is in Mexico on the hunt for Miguel. Johnny has brought son Robby along for the ride, but that doesn’t mean the two boys will end up getting along. There’s a lot that the two don’t like about each other, and they’re both just as stubborn as Johnny is! Can the three of them come to an understanding, and will Miguel find his biological father?

Stay tuned for the latest updates on Cobra Kai season 5 and more on Netflix.