Is Night Sky on Netflix?

Night Sky. Courtesy of Prime Video.
Night Sky. Courtesy of Prime Video. /

If you’re looking for a sci-fi with a bit of humor, you’ll want to turn to Night Sky. Can you stream the series on Netflix?

J.K. Simmons and Sissy Spacek play Franklin and Irene York in the sci-fi series Night Sky. Originally titled Lightyears, the series follows a couple with a secret. In a shed in their garden, they have a chamber that takes them to a deserted planet.

At least, they think the planet is deserted. When a young man suddenly shows up in their chamber, they start to learn there was much more to their secret. Did they do the right thing protecting it from the rest of the world?

Night Sky is not on Netflix

There is some bad news for those ready to watch the series on Netflix. Night Sky is not available to stream on Netflix, and there’s no reason it ever will be.

The only place to stream the series is Prime Video. This is an Amazon Original Series, which means it’s not going anywhere. It will always be available on Prime Video for as long as that streaming platform exists. The only reason Netflix would end up with it is if Amazon and Netflix joined forces for some reason.

With so many streaming platforms now, they’re going to want to keep original content exclusive to their services. After all, why would people keep subscribing if they can get the content elsewhere?

All eight episodes of the series have dropped on Prime Video at once. This isn’t like Outer RangeThe Wheel of Time, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel where there was a hybrid release pattern.

Stay tuned for all things Netflix to be up to date of the shows and movies coming and going.

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