Is The Ipcress File on Netflix?

Joe Cole as Harry Palmer - The Ipcress File _ Season 1 - Photo Credit: AMC/ITV
Joe Cole as Harry Palmer - The Ipcress File _ Season 1 - Photo Credit: AMC/ITV /

The cold war spy thriller drama The Ipcress File is an entertaining thriller from start to finish, and it’s no surprise many Netflix subscribers are most assuredly eager to know if they will be among the lucky ones to experience this exciting endeavor. Please keep reading to gain the proper security clearance and be briefed on whether or not it’s an option.

Whether it is Apple’s Slow Horses or James Bond’s No Time to Die, audiences everywhere can’t get enough of anything to do with the enthralling, action-packed, slow-burn thrill rides that are spy titles. Of the many out there to enjoy, one that truly stands out as a worthwhile experience is none other than The Ipcress File.

Peaky Blinders and Gangs of London star Joe Cole headlines the series as Harry Palmer, a smuggler in prison, offered an opportunity to serve as an intelligence officer in the small yet very influential Whitehall security unit. Once he’s onboard, things really kick off when an investigation into the whereabouts of a missing British Scientist unveils a much larger conspiracy expanding the ordeal into a case of international espionage.

The entire affair is a very loose adaptation of the 1962 novel titled The Ipcress File written by author Len Deighton. The storyline has been extensively reworked, making the show a new ordeal to enjoy. The series also takes inspiration from the 1965 film that starred Michael Caine. The latest iteration has received significant critical acclaim, including an impressive score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Is The Ipcress File available on Netflix?

After accomplishing a thorough investigation and inspecting all of the files from agents in the field, all necessary intel has led to this unfortunate conclusion. The Ipcress File is not an option on Netflix, and it is unknown at this time if that will change any time soon.

Luckily for fans of spy titles, Netflix has an ample amount of options ready to deploy into action now. Some of these excellent espionage choices include Fauda6 Underground, Wasp Network, The Spy, and Mosul just to name a few.

Where you can stream The Ipcress File

Episodes of The Ipcress Files are available to stream for subscribers on AMC+.

You can check out the trailer below:

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