A Perfect Pairing soundtrack: Full list of songs in the Victoria Justice movie

Victoria Justice and Adam Demos star in the new Netflix original romantic comedy A Perfect Pairing, and it’s one of the best movies of the year so far. It’s a through-and-through rom-com full of all the cute moments you’re looking for. And it has a great soundtrack to boot!

In the film, Justice plays a wine executive who will go to great lengths to land her next high-profile client. That includes flying to Australia and working as a ranch hand. While she puts in the hard work to impress her new client, she also happens to fall for the handsome ranch leader (Demos, obviously).

Throughout A Perfect Pairing, dreamy singer-songwriter music accompanies the scenes of Lola and Max’s most romantic moments, and there’s even a scene that allows Victoria Justice to show off her beautiful singing voice. Victorious fans will love it!

If you’re looking for all of the music in A Perfect Pairing, we’re listing every catchy song that was featured in the movie. From Vance Joy to Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, here’s the complete soundtrack, including the song Victoria Justice sings.

A Perfect Pairing soundtrack

While there are a number of recognizable hit songs from some major artists, A Perfect Pairing also has a fair amount of songs from smaller artists that are definitely worth adding to your playlist.

Check out the full list of songs from the movie:

  • “Machinery” by Abram Shook
  • “Blood” by The Middle East
  • “Travelling Song” by Timber Bones
  • “Home” by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
  • “Geronimo” by Sheppard
  • “Missing Piece” by Vance Joy
  • “Pool Party” by Julia Jacklin
  • “Do It Like Me” by The Gibb Brothers
  • “Are You Gonna Be My Girl?” by Jet
  • “Ride” by The Vines
  • “Gates of Brandenburg” by Simon Anderson
  • “Kids Fallin’ in Love” by Dope Lemon
  • “Feeling Fine” by Bob Bradley & Gavin McGrath

What song does Victoria Justice sing in A Perfect Pairing?

In a pivotal scene between Lola, Max, and the ranch crew, they all gather together by a bonfire for some bonding. Lola had been having a rough time trying to fit in and find her place, but when she sits alongside them for some music, she impresses them with her music knowledge.

We know Victoria Justice isn’t just a talented actress. She’s also a talented singer with plenty of original songs of her own beyond the music she released from Victorious. But in A Perfect Pairing, Justice sings “Home” by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. It’s one of the best music moments in the film!

What was your favorite song from the A Perfect Pairing soundtrack? Share your thoughts in the comments, and watch the movie right now on Netflix.