A Perfect Pairing: All of the Australian slang terms used in the Netflix movie

A Perfect Pairing. (L to R) Victoria Justice as Lola, Adam Demos as Max in A Perfect Pairing. Cr. Vince Valitutti/Netflix © 2022.
A Perfect Pairing. (L to R) Victoria Justice as Lola, Adam Demos as Max in A Perfect Pairing. Cr. Vince Valitutti/Netflix © 2022. /

A Perfect Pairing is now available to stream on Netflix and chances are you’ve already watched it. While watching the romantic comedy film, you probably noticed that many of the characters used Australian slang. If you were wondering what the slang terms meant, we’ve got you covered!

In A Perfect PairingVictoria Justice plays Lola Alvarez, a LA wine company exec who quits her job to start her own wine distribution company. After starting her company, Lola’s first order of business is to book a ticket to Australia to land her first big client, Vaughn Family Wines. As soon as Lola meets her potential client, she quickly realizes that it’s not going to be a walk in the park. In order to prove herself, Lola volunteers to help out at the sheep station owned by the client. But Lola wasn’t expecting to fall in love with the mysterious station manager (Adam Demos) in the process.

Since Lola finds herself temporarily staying in Australia, it’s not surprising that many of the country’s locals would be speaking informally with her and each other. If you’re not from Australia, many of the slang terms used in the film might be hard to comprehend. Fortunately, you have us to break down each slang term.

Below, we shared all of the Australian slang used in the Netflix film and defined what each slang term means.

A Perfect Pairing: What Australian slang is used in the film?

There are two words used in the movie that aren’t slang terms, but some people might not know what they mean. The two words are “jackaroo” and “jillaroo.” Both terms basically mean the same thing, but one is used for a male, and the other is used for a female. According to Wikipedia, a jackaroo is a “young man working on a sheep or cattle station, to gain practical experience in the skills needed to become an owner, overseer, manager, etc.” A jillaroo does the same thing but is just a female.

Here’s a list of all the Australian slang used in A Perfect Pairing right below:

  • Boss cocky – A person in power.
  • Arvo – It means afternoon.
  • Dunny – It’s an outside toilet.
  • Hard yakka – It means hard work.
  • Up the duff – It means pregnant.
  • Coldie – It’s a cold can or bottle of beer.
  • Hitting the turps – It means to drink alcohol.
  • Barney – It’s a physical fight.
  • Smoko – It’s a short break from work to smoke or have tea.

A Perfect Pairing is now streaming on Netflix!

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