Senior Year spoilers: Does Stephanie win prom queen?

The day has finally come. Senior Year starring Rebel Wilson is now streaming on Netflix and it’s what everyone is talking about. A question that keeps popping up revolves around if Stephanie wins prom queen. If you made it to this article, chances are you’ve either watched the film already and need some clarity on some things that happened or you just want to be spoiled. Regardless of the reasoning, we’re going to answer this burning question down below.

Senior Year follows a high school cheerleader named Stephanie Conway, who after suffering a head injury, falls into a 20-year coma before her senior prom. Once Stephanie awakens, she realizes that she’s no longer 17 years old but instead a 37-year-old woman. However, this doesn’t deter Stephanie from attempting to achieve her goal of winning prom queen. In fact, she heads to her old high school to re-enroll and live out her high school dream.

The comedy film was comical through and through. There were tons of crazy and ridiculous moments in the movie that will have you belly laughing, which was expected from a Rebel Wilson film. Hopefully, we get to see a Senior Year 2. There’s definitely a possibility since the post-credits seem to hint at a potential sequel. We’ll just have to wait and see.

So does Stephanie accomplish her goal of winning prom queen? Read on to find out what happens.

Spoilers from Senior Year ahead!

Does Stephanie win prom queen in Senior Year?

She does! At the 2022 senior prom, Stephanie becomes a little nervous that she might not win prom queen when she notices that Tiffany is rigging the election so that her daughter will win. This causes Stephanie to go on Instagram Live while at prom to try to get the other students to vote for her. While on Instagram Live, Stephanie is interrupted by Blaine, so she’s forced to end the live video.

Once she walks back into the ballroom, Martha and Mr. T begin to announce the election results. First, they announce that Lance is prom king and he goes on stage. Then, they announce that the prom queen received 1,000 votes despite there being fewer students. Obviously, the numbers aren’t correct because Tiffany rigged the election so that Bri would win. But Bri chooses to do the right thing and withdraws from the competition. This means the runner-up takes the crown, and Stephanie is the one.

Stephanie walks onto the stage and is officially crowned prom queen. Then, Stephanie and Lance perform a funny and dramatic dance number before the other students join in.

Senior Year is available to stream only on Netflix.