Belmont Cameli height: How tall is Along for the Ride star?

ALONG FOR THE RIDE (2022) Belmont Cameli as Eli. Cr: Emily V. Aragones/NETFLIX
ALONG FOR THE RIDE (2022) Belmont Cameli as Eli. Cr: Emily V. Aragones/NETFLIX /

This past weekend, Netflix released Along for the Ride, a sweet romantic movie based on Sarah Dessen’s best-selling novel of the same name. In the movie, 24-year-old actor Belmont Cameli starred as the male lead and love interest, Eli. Seeing as he was incredibly cute and charming in the film, it’s no surprise that people have become curious about his height, age and past projects.

In the movie, Belmont’s character is an introverted teen who takes an interest in Auden (Emma Pasarow) after she relocates to the quiet seaside town of Colby Beach for the summer. Like Auden, Eli is a night owl who likes skateboarding down the boardwalk in the evenings. He first meets Auden while she’s up late reading and the two share an instant connection.

You’ll have to watch the movie to find out what happens next. But if you’re curious how tall Belmont is, we’ve got the facts for you below!

Along for the Ride: Belmont Cameli height

The Eli actor stands at just over 6 feet tall, 6’1″ to be exact. His Along for the Ride co-star Emma Pasarow is a few inches shorter than him at 5 feet 7 inches. It makes for an adorable height difference between them that only adds to the appeal of their relationship.

If you enjoyed watching Belmont act in the feel-good romance, you should check out Saved by the Bell on Peacock. Sadly, the show was recently canceled after just two seasons, but it is still worth watching. On the series, Belmont plays Jamie Spano’s (Elizabeth Berkley Lauren) son. His presence alongside his on-screen mother’s is just one of the many connections between the revival series and the original sitcom.

Along for the Ride is now streaming on Netflix.

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