Along for the Ride soundtrack: All the music in the movie

ALONG FOR THE RIDE (2022), Belmont Cameli as Eli. Cr. Emily V. Aragones / Netflix
ALONG FOR THE RIDE (2022), Belmont Cameli as Eli. Cr. Emily V. Aragones / Netflix /

Along for the Ride has finally premiered on Netflix, and the new feel-good romance film will be one of the most notable movie releases on the streaming service this month.

Based on the popular novel by Sarah Dessen, Along for the Ride stars Emma Pasarow as studious and sheltered teenager Auden, who stays with her dad and step-mom in the picturesque town of Colby Beach during the summer before college. While there, she meets the charming and mysterious Eli (Belmont Cameli), who helps her realize how much she missed out on in high school.

Eli makes it his mission to assist Auden in her quest to do as many things as possible that summer, from having a food fight to riding a grocery cart around a store, and much more.

Along for the Ride soundtrack

Given the premise, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Along for the Ride has a great soundtrack with lots of music that should appeal to the target demographic. The movie actually features a robust soundtrack full of almost 30 different songs!

Here are all of the songs featured in Along for the Ride

  • “To the East” by Electrelane
  • “In Your Head” by Nilüfer Yanya
  • “Get Busy” by Sean Paul
  • “Hawt Heart” by Born at Midnite
  • “Dreamin'” by Best People
  • “The Jangling Man” by Cleaners from Venus
  • “It Started with a Kiss” by The Giant Crab”
  • “Not About You” by Haiku Hands
  • “Teen Creeps” by No Age
  • “I’m a Lady” by Santigold
  • “January Wedding” by Avett Brothers (cover performed by Samia Finnerty)
  • “Lucky Strike” by Troye Sivan
  • “Like a Wheel” by Spissy
  • “Dance Dance Dance” by Lykke Li
  • “Astral Projection” by Yumi Zouma
  • “Move It” by Jaded
  • “Despicable Dogs (Washed Out Remix)” by Small Black
  • “Learn to Let Go” by IDER
  • “The Angel of 8th Ave” by Gang of Youths
  • “Whirring” by The Joy Formidables
  • “Lust for Life” by Girls
  • “Cannons” by Youth Lagoon
  • “O.N.E.” by Yeasayer
  • “Snufkin” by Jeremiah Meece
  • “School for Fools” by The Girls
  • “Me and the Moon” by The Drums
  • “Saturday Nighttime” by Richard Goldman
  • “Fit N Full” by Samia

There are a lot of great musical moments throughout the movie. Some of the most memorable include the song choices during the Fourth of July (Hot Dog Party) celebration and the dance breaks at Clementine’s. You’ll likely recognize several of the songs played throughout the film, although there are also plenty from lesser-known artists that equally excellent!

Along for the Ride is streaming right now on Netflix.

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