Clark on Netflix: Is Clark Olofsson still alive?

Clark on Netflix
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Netflix’s latest crime dramedy has officially landed on the platform, and viewers better get ready to meet the one and only Clark Olofsson. IT star Bill Skarsgård takes on the titular role in Clark, playing a real-life Swedish criminal who’s known as being one of the first “celebrity gangsters.” The six-episode series is based on a true story, but as it reminds us at the start of every episode, it’s “based on truth and lies.”

Clark chronicles the Swedish robber throughout his childhood into adulthood, taking place between the 1940s to 1990s. In that time, we get to see how Clark becomes a criminal, from his troubled upbringing with his abusive father, and the many, many jailbreaks he somehow successfully pulls off. Another thing about Clark is that he’s obsessed with women, likely as he’s trying to fill a hole in his heart left from his childhood. He falls in love with nearly every woman he sees, making monogamy impossible — even when he’s in a serious relationship.

So what about the real Clark Olofsson? We know he existed, but is he alive today? And if so, what’s he up to?

Clark on Netflix: Where is Clark Olofsson today?

Clark Olofsson is, in fact, alive today, and he’s a free man. He’s currently 75 years old and has been out of prison since 2018 when he was released in Belgium. According to a 2018 article from the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, Olofsson seemed in good spirits to be headed back home to Sweden after being in prison for about two years. “I have visited relatives and have chewed and drunk well. Now I’m going on vacation for a whole month. I’ll write a little, talk a little with people. A lot is happening,” he shared at the time.

Though Olofsson really did marry someone named Marijke from Belgium just like in the show, they reportedly split in 1999. He was engaged after that, but we don’t know whether or not he’s still with the same woman. The Cinemaholic reports that Olofsson more recently lived in Belgium, though we don’t know for certain if he’s still living there. It appears he’s now living a quiet life, surprisingly.

Clark on Netflix is different than anything I’ve seen on the streaming service in some time. Director and writer Jonas Åkerlund takes creative risks which pay off, and Skarsgård gives a stellar performance. Stream the new series right now!

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