The Circle season 4 spoilers: Who were the influencers in episodes 1-4?

The Circle Season 4. Yu Ling Wu as Yu Ling in The Circle Season 4. Cr. Tom Dymond/Netflix © 2022.
The Circle Season 4. Yu Ling Wu as Yu Ling in The Circle Season 4. Cr. Tom Dymond/Netflix © 2022. /

The Circle season 4 is finally here and this season definitely turned up the heat! The first set of episodes didn’t hold back on the twists, and we’re expecting there to be many more in the next batch of episodes.

In the first four episodes of the season, viewers meet a bunch of players competing for the chance to win a hefty prize fund. Each player creates their profile on the made-up social media platform, The Circle, and decides if they want to play as themselves or as a catfish. Several players chose to play as catfishes, while others chose to be their authentic selves.

After getting to know each other through games and chat sessions, the players then take part in a rating system. The two players who received the highest ratings are then crowned influencers. The influencers are given the power to decide together who they want to block/eliminate from The Circle.

So who were the lucky players who ranked the highest and ultimately became influencers in the first batch of episodes? We answered this burning question right below!

MAJOR spoilers from The Circle season 4 ahead!

The Circle season 4 influencers episodes 1-4

There was only one rating system in the first four episodes of the season, and it took place in episode 1. Each player had to rate all the other players from first to last place. Once everyone had finished their ratings, the average ratings were revealed from last place to first place. Paul/Parker came in seventh place, Yu Ling came in sixth place, Bru came in fifth place, Alyssa came in fourth place, and Crissa came in third place.

Carol/John came in second place, making him an influencer. Lastly, Frank claimed the No.1 spot, making him the top influencer. Frank and Carol/John then headed to the Hangout to discuss who they wanted to block from The Circle. In the end, they decided to block Paul. Paul played by Parker is then given the opportunity to meet with another player face-to-face before leaving. Parker chooses to meet with Carol/John. They talk for a while about both being catfishes before Parker leaves.

New episodes of The Circle season 4 are released every Wednesday across a four-week period. Don’t miss the second batch of episodes coming to Netflix on May 11!

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